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  • Introduction

    Hi everybody!
    You are speaking my language! Here are some answers to the questions asked:
    I'm in Hawaii
    I've been off processed foods for over a year.
    I don't do dairy except grass fed cheese and butter (Kerrygold)
    I use coconut milk (full fat organic) in my one big cup of coffee in the morning
    No sugar, no grains
    My meat is about 80% grass fed
    I eat local food as much as possible
    I avoid all seeded plants, lectins as much as possible and all nightshades
    I like this way of eating...I make huge salads almost every day
    Favorite exercise: walking, recumbent bike, stretching
    Best thing about this way of eating: steaks and health
    Worst thing: nothing
    I'm looking forward to participating and learning more here!

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    Aloha Carol! I'm in Honolulu too. I just discovered the Paleo diet a week ago. I'm new to the city so still need to find best places to buy grass-fed beef and healthy local cooking. Any tips?
    Thanks! WendyB


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      Hi Wendy
      The best place I've found to buy grass fed beef is Kualoa Ranch just north of Kaneohe. They have a two refrigerators in their cafe full of various cuts of beef. You see their cattle chewing grass as you drive up to the main building. The beef is really tasty and the price is good. I was buying some grass fed beef at the Farmer's market but it was quite expensive. I haven't found good chicken yet. Let me know if you find grass fed or open range chickens! If I can figure out how to "friend" you on here, I'll do it. I just moved here four months ago. Aloha!


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        I am Stef, a 41 year old Swiss guy leaving in Zurich. Been Primal for 1 year, move from 68kilo 18% body fat to 62kilo 11% body fat. My daily carb intake is around 80-120gr now, (was lower before). Love it, have a lot of energy and feeling so much better.

        Your location: Uster, Zurich, Switzerland
        Age (If you want): 41
        How Primal are you: 80%-85%, Organic, around 100% of good carb a day, fasting from 9pm to 13pm most day
        Do you consume dairy: Yes, high fat milk and Greek Yogurt
        Do you drink coffee or tea: Lot of green tea, and 1-2 coffee a day (I had 8-9 before!!!!)
        Motivator for switching to Primal: Losing my love handle and staying in shape for my kids
        Favorite exercise: Strengh Training, Spartan Workout (3 type a week), mountain bike, skiing,..
        Favorite Primal food: Organic grass fed beef, slow cooked on the BBQ
        Best part about being Primal: High and constant energy level through out the day
        Worst part about being Primal: None or try to find some simple explanation when people asked questions!!!!!



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          North Shore Cattle Company has/had good prices, but their website has been down for awhile, I'm not sure if they are still open or not. You can check the KCC Market. They have some other vendors from Molokai, BI etc. that are a litte more pricey.
          "Go For Broke"
          Fat Kine-230/24% @ 6'2"
          Small Kine-168/9%
          Now- 200/8%
          Goal- 210/6%


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            Thanks for the tips!