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  • Packing Primal Lunch

    Hi, My name is Nick and I am 15, do you guys have any suggestions for packing primal lunch that doesn't look strange at high school any suggestions are appreciated : )

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    Hey Nick,
    think of dinner meals that you can pack in a lunchbox. For example, taco salad (or any type of salad) packs pretty easily. So does soup - if you have a good container. I'm a fan of packing large hunks of steak or chicken with a sauce to dip in it.

    If you don't have a way to heat stuff up, that's OK. Just try it to make sure you like it cold. There are a lot of tomato-based soups that are great cold and I always eat my big pieces of meat dipped in sauce cold. Cold leftover stir fry is actually pretty good too!

    As a 15 year old boy I think the challenge for you will be packing enough food! Make sure you pack enough you don't get hungry later in the day!


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      Nick, what do you think looks strange? I ask because my 14yo daughter thinks anything that's not a sandwich looks strange, so that's kind of a challenge. She also doesn't want to carry any little tupperware containers. Stay away from teenage girls - they are nothing but trouble, lol.

      Can/will you carry a reusable lunch bag and containers? That will give you a lot more choices. Are big hunks of meat (cut up) too weird? Are your parents on board with whatever you want to eat? It will be easier to make suggestions if you can give more details.

      Also you should post in Primal Nutrition. I think a lot more people will see your question there.
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        Yesterday, for lunch, I had a nice chunk of chicken, sliced, with a sliced avocado, some baconaise, and several strips of bacon on top.

        Would that look too weird?

        Maybe some jerky, chunks of cheese, and some raw nuts?


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          Hmm, if you are up to fasting, lunch might be a good time to hit the library.

          This year my daughter (12, in with a group of 11, 12 and 13 year olds) is doing primal after I got the book from the library this summer. She has classes once a week (we homeschool mostly) and she took a V8, two apples (for snack if needed - her brother ate them after class) some mixed nuts (almonds and walnuts) and dried fruit (apricots, cherries and cranberries,) and a hard boiled duck egg and a small container of salt. Oh, and a round cheese thing in wax. (Not very primal I know.) It didn't sound like anyone said anything about her foods. This is her choice to go completely primal, which I think is very cool.

          Last year we had a friend of my daughter's who had had some serious health issues. The mom put her on a what I now know is a primal diet. She didn't like it, and was explaining in exasperated tones about how she couldn't eat grains (while we were then eating sandwiches.) I told her I am sure her mom had researched it and had her health in mind. Unfortunately, I think because I supported her mom, she didn't eat with us again.

          Point being, be proud of your choices, explain them if anyone asks, don't think that they think that it is strange unless they say so. They may be very impressed with your knowledge of how the body actually works. My daughter didn't think that her friend was strange last year. It was the friend who thought it was strange.


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            I really have grown to love lettuce wraps. Very portable and delicious. Buy a whole head of romaine lettuce and wash the leaves. I cut out the stem and I roll them up with nice hunks of leftover grilled meat or fish. There are some pretty decent cold cuts out there now that are light on the bad stuff which work too. If you want a little cheese in there-well there are tons of different kinds to add variety. I put onion slices, different mustards, tomato, pickles, or whatever-I like variety. Bring a dip to dip if you like. Vinaigrette or paleo mayo based dips. Some fruit and a bag of almonds to go with and you are set man!