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2 1/2 mos. eating Paleo and already lost

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  • 2 1/2 mos. eating Paleo and already lost

    Hello. A few friends at work started eating Paleo several months ago, and I kind of scoffed at the idea. Give up rice, beans, bread, potatos? No way! Then I saw how much weight they dropped and decided to do some research. Between this and other sites I gained the knowledge. It made sense. I started this past July. I'm down 20lbs and 2 pant sizes already. Can't hardly believe it but there it is. It works. Doc has already cut out my cholesterol pill, and I'm looking to drop the BP pill next.

    I took some before pics, but I'm not ready to post the after one's yet. I want to drop another 20 or 30, and then I'll do it. I want it to look dramatic in case anybody else wandering the web doing research has any doubts about it's efficacy.

    My diet includes pretty much any lean meat and some not so lean (I still do bacon and deli meats every now and then), Costco frozen veggies and fresh fruits to a lesser extent. I snack on some nuts every now and then but not often. I haven't given up the diet Coke because I'm addicted, and I don't drink coffee so need my caffeine fix from something! Anyway glad to be hear. I haven't felt this good since my 20's.

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    Congrats, sounds like it's working well for you.


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      Congrats on your success! I have to tell you that I had a hard time with the Diet Coke, too. I started drinking brewed tea and slowly cut out the pop over about 3 weeks. The other day I took a swig of some Diet Coke at work, and . . . warning, tmi . . . instantly had diarrhea. My stomach hurt for about 3 hours. That'll learn me!!!