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  • Hello to everyone

    Hi everyone!

    Looking forward to getting a lot of interesting input.

    My first question:

    Is beetroot 'accepted' as part of the diet or only in moderation?

    Best regards,


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    I don't know about accepted as it seems to be classed as a root crop. OTOH, the bit I eat grows above ground and I have some virtually every day as part of my lunchtime salad meal.
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      Which part of a beetroot grows above ground? Or what is it called?


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        Originally posted by Hemming View Post
        Which part of a beetroot grows above ground? Or what is it called?
        That would be beet tops and not beetroot (i.e. beet root).

        I never heard that any interpretation of paleo was down on beetroot. I should eat it, if you enjoy it. They're the colour they are, because of betalain pigments. Those seem to have anti-cancer properties, so there may be health benefits to eating them:

        Betalain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

        I guess they are a little starchy, though I don't know that they are more so than, say, carrots. They seem reasonably fibrous compared to potatoes, for example. But I don't actually know how many carbs or their glycemic index. Never bothered to look it up; it doesn't seem like an issue to me.


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          They're very comparable to carrots. Same glycemic index, slightly more carbs and slightly less fibres.

          I think I'll go with them for the wonderful taste and the betalain

          Thanks for the answers!