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Hello from Dayton OH area!

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  • Hello from Dayton OH area!

    First let me thank you for this great resource.

    I've been low carbing since 2007 and was a very active member at LCF for years. Even tried Zero Carb for a while (didn't last long because I was diagnosed with cancer and nutrition had to take a different turn for a while).

    After I finished my chemoradiation in 2009 I got sloppy with carb allowances. I had lost a fair amount of weight but nothing drastic - about 15 lbs - ish. I concentrated on getting maximum nutrition, tried to stay whole foods/organic as much as possible and kept carbs moderate for a couple years. I did gain back a good bit of weight.

    My top weight in 2007 ~which flipped me out totally~ was 200. I'm 5'5". I actually did the Kimkins thing, which some of you LC oldtimers might even recall. Anyway, in addition to killing myself for 20 yrs with carbs (tried vegetarianism, brown rice diets, made my own bread for years and ate tons of it, and pastas, and nasty snack foods like cheetos and lime doritos by the pound) I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis (been hypothyroid since 1982) and of course metabolic syndrome.

    Anyway, last year I got a divorce and last winter and early this spring, the Tried and True Divorce Diet did me good (LOL) and I took off 30 lbs. Better than I ever did with Atkins, Kimkins or any other WOE. I was pretty much living on coffee with heavy cream and maybe a salad or apple later in the day. I fasted a lot, 24 hrs was pretty common, and did two 3 day fasts and one 5 day fasts (water only or juice/water) over a 9 month time span.

    So here I am, having gotten my life and emotions back in order, and have gained back that 30 lbs in VERY short order. Like about 2.5 months. And I don't eat bad. It's not like I went nuts eating cookies, bread, ice cream and cake! I still pretty much subsist on fresh salads, coffee with cream in the mornings, ZERO sugar, ZERO grains, steaks, wild caught salmon, chicken, and turkey. Eggs and bacon or sausage for breakfast. Recently tried adding some coconut oil back along with more olive oil and more pastured butter. But GEEZ I'm gaining weight like a freakin' Sumo wrestler!!

    I began trying to follow the Paleo WOE (I've read Quantum Paleo and Practical Paleo and Wheat Belly recently) and have gone about 99% grainfree in the past 2 months. I walk more than I ever used to but no heavy exercise (reasons for that..).

    I guess I'm just upset about my whole metabolism. I thought I had the insulin resistance beat when I lost that weight. I got down into size 10s and I was happier than I've been in 15 yrs with my weight and general health. I called my doctor last month and said I needed labs done when I realized that 20 lbs was back and something was seriously wrong. My fasting C-peptide levels are 4.2 when the upper limit is 2.72, and FBS runs around 96-99 normally. My A1C is good, at 5.7 and my triglycerides are in normal limits at 144 for the first time in years.

    So assuming I'm severely insulin resistance, and knowing that insulin is the fat and hunger hormone, I wonder if eating the normally high fat levels of LC are really hurting me until somehow by a miracle I can become more insulin sensitive? I AM hungry a lot now, and everything I eat apparently goes straight to fat. I can't let this continue. I'm about ready to ask the doctor for metformin when I see her later this week.

    I've seen a few of the other threads here describing how LC/Paleo can induce insulin resistance but honestly, is that the problem here, you think? If so wouldn't you think that 5 yrs of pretty much being LC would have cured it by now?

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    Hello there and welcome! I'm also a type II diabetic and very close to getting off all my medications. My fasting sugars were running over 100, but since going Primal, they are now in the 80's. As I continue to lose weight, I suspect it will go even lower to where I won't need Metformin anymore.

    In answer to your question... Mark wrote an excellent article about this. Rather then repeat everything, I'll just post the link here: Does Eating a Low Carb Diet Cause Insulin Resistance? | Mark's Daily Apple

    Congrats on beating your cancer! You've had allot to deal with... cancer, divorce, health issues. God bless you!



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      Thanks for the welcome, Jenny! That's one I hadn't read yet, thanks for the link. I know I'm going to spend a lot of time here catching up. It's been a couple years since I really spent any time on the food forums.


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        Hello again! I just sent a request through to add you as a friend. Feel free to let me know if I can help or encourage you in any way! We're all in this together!



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          Hi- I can't offer any insight on the insulin questions, but just wanted to say hi from Cincinnati!


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            Hi neighbor!