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Walking as a workout?

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  • Walking as a workout?

    I'm studying abroad in Santiago, Chile and public transportation is expensive and crowded, so I end up often walking at least two hours a day. I've also been sprinting three a week and lifting three times a week. Lately I've been kind of exhausted--should I go down to sprinting only once or twice a week and counting all the walking I'm doing as some type of workout? I've also found that I have far more sugar cravings (which I usually satisfy with a serving of fruit or two) on the days that I sprint. What would you guys suggest?


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    Mark only suggests sprinting once every 7-10 days. Sounds like you need to cut back.


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      Cool I can for sure cut back on the sprints, but what kind of workouts should I do on the days that I'm not sprinting or lifting?


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        Its pretty simple. Do a whole body lifting workout 3 days, sprint 1-2 times and walk 6-7 days. If you feel like you must do something on a non lift or sprint day do 10 minutes of kettle bell swings, farmers carries burpees, etc.


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          Walking is also included in cardio workouts. No need to change any thing, just continue with what your were doing.