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My personal Nutritional Guru grokked "Grok" -- so here I am!

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  • My personal Nutritional Guru grokked "Grok" -- so here I am!

    Hello All!

    Simple things first: Resident in upstate NY (Schoharie County: 32,000 people and a bunch of cows and sheep). I'm 55 and a three-time breast CancerDancer who intends for that to be solely Past History. I completely believe it is, but taking care of oneself doesn't hurt!

    The last CancerDance resulted in a whole lot of surgery, including throwing me into surgical menopause -- like being kicked off a cliff. My former fine figure quickly devolved into a Plump Matron With Belly Fat (*never* had that before) and I neither look nor "feel" like me.

    I have a career I adore (work = play for me) but in order to really rock-n-roll with it, my stamina and health have to be top-notch, and currently they aren't.

    Goals: drop 30 pounds of WEIGHT and in the process convert 40 pounds of FAT; get my stamina level up, and make it to at least 90 hale and hearty. Get rid of digestive problems and headaches, backaches and general oldperson discomforts (I'm not old; I shouldn't have 'em.)

    I *did* lose 17 pounds in 2007 by doing 'no sugar no starch no grains' but it resulted in some real GI problems. I want to avoid that this time, so any thoughts from anyone out there would be entirely welcome.

    Yes, I'm a dairy person, but stick to organic and raw when I can get it. Coffee? 1 cup a day perhaps; much more tea of all kinds (all hail Teavana!)

    I am not and never have been an exercise person. It's always been under duress. What Grok has to say about it is such a relief! THAT I can do.

    I am tremendously lucky to have a splendid grass-fed/pasture-raised supplier (Sap Bush Hollow Farms) just five miles from where we live, so I can get the good stuff -- meat, eggs, poultry, dairy, all organic and raw and healthy. That will make this a lot easier.

    Lastly: my life has been constant change. I'm therefore not afraid of changing my mind, my eating habits, or my perspective. Bring it on!

    All best,

    Corbie Mitleid

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    Welcome, Corbie.

    I hope you find all that you desire.

    I've been working on this for about two months now, and I'm starting to see gradual changes. It takes its own time, but that's okay, so long as one is moving in the right direction.


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      Welcome Corbie!

      Wow what a road you've traveled! All I can recommend is reading a lot.... mark's articles and forum stuff... it'll give you places to start as well as answer a lot of questions taht come up as most things have been discussed here at one point or another!

      The hormones are tough for sure. i'm hypothyroid, and as a result I have a lot of bizarre hormonal imbalances I'm trying to get under control as well. Some people find that elimination of dairy is necessary for weight loss, yet not for maintenance... but that's definitely a person to person thing. LOL...

      Good luck!!
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