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I just started my blog as a college student

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  • I just started my blog as a college student

    I'm creating this post to put my blog out there and meet new people.
    For those who don't know me, I am Alejandra (Ally for short) and I'm a 22 year old female living in California, Santa Cruz. I have an immensely deep passion for nutrition and ancestral practices.

    Just a couple nights ago I started my new blog about my path to achieving higher health while being a full time college student and living with housemates.
    I'm very into finding natural foods that works best for me, training for power-lifting/muscle size, staying healthy in this crazy society, and helping others.
    Lately I've been getting very into Superfoods as well and making raw food delicious creations as well as experimenting with raw dairy, grass fed animal products, and some wild foods.
    Maybe some of you remember my old post where I introduced myself and mentioned that I wanted to meet others with similar interest in health and having a positive outlook with life.
    I really hope to connect with many of you

    Superfood Adventures of a Peruvian Chick

    P.S if your around my area or any reason, feel free to send me a random conversation
    My Health and Nutrition Blog