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morbidly obese newbie looking for support



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    Hi Jon,
    Welcome, I am a newbie as well. You are doing great, because you have decided to take charge of your life. I didn't start until my life was almost over.

    You have some great resources now that I didn't when I was younger. This forum, the internet and so on. . .

    I am also diabetic and started improving my life a couple years ago when I was diagnosed. I went to a dietitian at a diabetic clinic, was so excited, cuz I was going to get ALL that help from the experts!!!!! WRONG!!! She told me to cut back on the bacon or egg and add a piece of whole wheat toast, portion control WHAT?!?!?!?! are you serious. I had already learned (on my own, from testing), that bread, no matter what sent my bs way high. OMG I couldn't believe it, but started right there doing my own thing. I finally found a great doctor that believes that if I get this weight off, I can get off the meds.

    My oldest is also MO and has medical issues, I am pleading with him to join this forum. His thoughts (excuses) are he is broke and this kind of food is expensive. I agree, but at least start and go from there, it doesn't have to be expensive.

    It is doable. I fell of the wagon (or rather my wheels fell off), BUT I am starting a new day, a new year and hopefully a new life. IF you get an urge, take a bite, maybe two, three the max. OR spit it out. Just a minute a go, there was some leftover cheese (processed) from breakfast (not mine). What did I do? Popped it in my mouth, chewed a couple times and spit it out. It didn't even taste good. I have already broken my sugar & bread habit from my diabetes learnings. I think that is the hardest. It takes about THREE weeks to break a bad habit/craving Experiment with food a little at a time. I think I read somewhere it takes 7 times for you to start to like certain foods. So keep on trying, fixing different ways.

    Good luck and I am here if you need to talk.


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      here are some good articles from the Blog about the 80/20, "cheating," and being "perfect" in your way of life.

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        Good for you for taking this step. You will feel better before you know it. As for what the day looks like food wise, well I can tell you that for me, most cooking is done on Sunday for the week. I have no time to do it during the week, so Sunday it is. I generally cook up a bone broth (bunch of bones from grass fed beef in the crock pot overnight, add whatever veggies I want), some grass fed burgers, maybe some salmon, whatever meat I'm going to eat for the week. I add salads and other easy sides on the normal day. Right now, I'm doing the PPD (there's a thread if you dont know what that is), so no real cooking needed, but generally, this is how it goes for me. The key is to eat high quality, real food. Good luck!

        Originally posted by jkarlen View Post
        Thanks everyone for the replies. I'm impressed and excited by how active this community is.

        I was wondering if anyone could share some sample meal days. I'm far enough through PB and have also read Robb Wolf's book that I have a pretty good feeling for what is and what is not paleo/primal. But what I don't yet have is a really good vision for what that "looks like" in the life of someone with a 60-70 hour a week job with great unpredictability. I've read all the paleo sites (PaleOMG, Paleo Table, etc.) with all of their delicious looking but seemingly very complicated recipes that I couldn't imagine myself finding the time to prep and cook more than once a week and many weeks not even that. For now I'm just focusing on pan frying up a steak and throwing it on a plate with a full bag of steam-in-bag broccoli but no matter how much of a steak lover I am there's only so many ribeyes I week I can stomach. Am I right though in assuming though for a time restricted person just rotating through proteins and vegetables is in a choose one from column A and one from column B fashion is the way to do this?



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          Hi Jon,
          I'm also 34 and started on my PB journey 4 months ago, and I also have a lot to lose. I started on 08/20/12 at 350.2 lbs and weighed in today at 289.6 lbs. I had lost almost all faith that I'd ever find a "diet" I could live with. It was hard to cook for me and then something else for my husband the kids. It is still can be a problem, but now I just don't listen to them when they complain.

          Go-to meals for me:
          1. Chili with no beans. Freezes well for a quick lunch at work.
          2. Rotisserie Chicken. I eat a leg and thigh for dinner, pack the other leg and thigh for lunch, and then use the breast meat for all sorts of good stuff. Sometimes I cut it up in chunks and toss with Frank's Red Hot buffalo sauce. Good as wings!!!
          3. Cole slaw. Read the ingredients if you buy it in the deli (some sugar added). Otherwise, I buy the bag of cole slaw shreds and mix with white balsamic vinegar, celery seed, and a little cole slaw dressing. This is also a good quick thing to put in your lunch.
          4. Stir Fry. Use leftover steak, chicken, etc. I use a little bit a stir fry sauce but no more than a tablespoon.
          5. Salmon Patties. Get a can of wild-caught salmon, take out most of the bones (they are edible, though), mix with an egg, dill, salt & pepper, and garlic. Form patties and carefully place in frying pan with your choice of fat. I use EVOO or coconut oil. These freeze pretty well.
          6. Saurkraut and brats. I get venison or chicken brats made at the butcher shop. Grill them up or pan fry with onions and peppers. Watch some of the saurkraut brands. Some have HFCS.
          7. Taco Salad. Taco meat, good salsa, lettuce. Pretty good eats for lunch the next day.
          8. Chicken bruschetta salad. Combine quartered cherry tomatoes, a dollup of minced garlic, some basil (from the tube - I cheat), a bit of chopped red onion, good EVOO, and balsamic vinegar to taste. Just mix it up in a tupperware container for work and add to chicken and chopped romaine.

          Hope that gets you through the week. I work long days, too, so it's imperitive for me to bring my lunch and sometimes dinner.

          Peace be with you on your journey!