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  • He's Back!

    Rather than beat myself up about straying from the Primal Lifestyle that helped me find the health and wellness I had lost; I decided rather to treat it as a lesson in what "doesn't work for me".

    Three years ago, I was overweight, lifting stupid heavy weights without purpose and living a life of mindless eating, poor nutrition choices and never feeling right. I went to a dietician/nutritional consultant an did an elimination diet. Gluten sensitivity was what we came up with. As soon as I stopped ingesting gluten, my bloating started to dissipate, my guts just felt way better and in general, I started to feel much better.

    She advised me that I may want to go a step further and research the Paleo/Primal movement. As suggested, I came to MDA and started looking at all the people who had suffered similar symptoms and had not only healed themselves but also had lost weight, gained energy and became well again!

    Fast forward...I went from 227 pounds to 187 pounds, stopped lifting mindlessly, started doing cross training (not cross fit) which included, hot yoga, sprinting, plyometric training, some heavy resistance and swimming. I felt better than ever, looked better than most guys half my age (I am now 50) and shifted my health from questionable to outstanding. Even my doctor freaked out! I held that weight or very close to it for about 2 years without any effort or overthinking at all!

    Fast forward again. About 10 months ago, I decided to start "sampling" gluten free breads and pastas (boooooooo). I convinced myself that I was in control, could handle the additional carbs, could process the grains without issue because after all they were "gluten free".

    NOT SO! Fast forward to last week. My weight has been fluctuating from 187 to 197 or so for the last ten months. Why? I was messing with what worked in my body! The worst part is that when we yoyo like this it becomes catabolic and we actually get fatter composition wise every time we bounce up and down.

    My gut lately has started feeling that same bloated, unhealthy feeling, my energy has been low and in general I had not been feeling great. On Monday December 24th, I started back strictly on my Primal Blueprint lifestyle. In 3 days, my weight has dropped by 3 pounds, my guy isn't bloated, my energy is up, my system in general feels WAY lighter and better and most of all, I feel like I am home again!

    The lesson I learned and I am sure some others have as well is this. The Primal Blueprint Lifestyle isn't a diet, a fad, a once in a while thing, a phase, a weight-loss program or something you go "on and off" of. It's a LIFESTYLE CHOICE. A choice to believe and trust in the research and science we have been provided with, a choice to see, feel and experience what freedom we get from living in good health and wellness and a choice to understand that this is our LIFE choice and not something we should go to and from.

    I am rededicated to my Primal Lifestyle
    I feel a sense of renewed happiness
    I already feel the positive benefits in only a few days
    I have learned much in my last ten months and cherish that knowledge

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    Good for you Mike. I too am on the older side(46), however, having been Primal/Paleo for almost 3 years now, i am in better shape both physically and mentally. You're absolutely right, this is not a DIET! It is indeed a lifestyle change.

    For those out there that are new and just starting out, the simplest advice I can offer, is to read the book(all the way through), and stay as close to 100% as possible when starting out. The longer you're at it, the easier it gets(to resist temptation, and realize that the foods we used to eat, don't really taste good at all). Real food never tasted better:-) Good luck to all newcomers...
    Free your mind, and your Grok will follow!