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Hi from a newbie. Need a bit of advise

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  • Hi from a newbie. Need a bit of advise

    Hi. My name is Amanda and I am just getting acquainted with primal eating. I am 35, and after being skinny my whole life went through some majorly upsetting and even somewhat personally traumatic events in my life that set me on a path of eating out of control. I've gained about 70 pounds over the last 6 years and have NO energy. I do not enjoy the workouts that I used to for lack of energy. I feel yuck pretty much all of the time. I feel older than my years and don't have any major health problems yet, but I will if I stay on this track. As a nurse practitioner, everything that I've read makes so much more sense than CW! I really want to feel as good as those here describe feeling.

    I have read lots of blogs and ordered the 21 day book. I've been following the dietary guide for two days and I feel really nauseated. I have been eating steak, roasted port and scrambled eggs with roasted or sauted veggies and fruit. At first I thought that maybe the nausea was just in my head, but this morning (I work night shift, so up all night) I ate a piece of pizza for lack of anything else when I got hungry and that made me feel nauseated as well. Has anyone else experienced this? I am thinking that maybe I need to wein myself off carbs somewhat to try to minimize this. I can't deal with this nausea for much longerPlease advise


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    Sounds like you hit the low carb flu or are experiencing a withdrawl from some chemical your body has become dependent on. Don't force yourself to eat 3 meals a day if you don't feel like it. Eat some potato when you get hungry to help you nix the nausea. For goodness sake don't eat junk (like CW pizza) thinking it will fix nausea!

    Potatoes, fruit, white rice if you need it. Don't eat out of habit. Make sure you don't have a stomach bug!


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      Thanks Sarasue. I would bank on withdrawal from a chemical that my body is dependent on. No stomach bug. Still nauseated and seems to have completely lost my appetite. I will get some potatoes and cook up some white rice to go with my proteins. Thanks again!


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        Try contacting mark directly his usually good with more serious issues like this.
        One time


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          Thanks Ollie. I sent him a PM. Hoping that he has input on this


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            Hi Amanda. Welcome!

            Some people do best going cold turkey and fighting through carb flu. Others, such as myself, found it better to taper off.

            Good luck!
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              Thanks Hedonist2. I seem to be over the hump with the nausea---maybe because I have backed of the t total start. Not sure.
              I definitely have the carb flu. Don't have energy to do much; but then, I've had a severe energy deficit for awhile because
              of my poor diet. Now that the nausea is gone, I really feel like I can DO this!!! I wasn't sure a few days ago and I'm thrilled!

              Hey, is there any section of this forum that is a good place just to get and give support? I would love to have a less topic focused section that is more about day to day primal stuff.

              Thanks! Amanda