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  • Hello Out There!

    I have been toying with going primal for about 6 months is the day to begin! I ran in a 5k race last night with my son. My goal was to finish the 5k in 34 minutes; I actually came in at 44:15. Ouch! It was a good indication of how little I've been doing. I've struggled with weight my entire life, and I've seemed to try every diet, only to fail. I even had weight loss surgery, only to see the weight come back in a couple of years. I am 5'8", and currently weigh 214 lbs. I am committing to being primal this year to see if it makes a difference. I did get a sweet Concept 2 rowing machine for Christmas, and plan to use it a lot. My goals by New Year's Eve next year: Be Healthier (at least get down to 150lbs), have fun running 5ks (at least 10 this year, and get my time down to <30 minutes), row alot (maybe even on an actually rower on our local river-that would be sweet!), encourage my non-primal husband to be healthier, and have more fun!