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    Hello everyone!
    I decided to give a Primal/Paleo approach to eating and see how I do on it. I'm 47, 5'4" and 158 lbs, so I've got about 35lbs to lose. My weight gain crept up on me with menopause, which totally kicked my butt at the age of 42. I've been on HRT for the last 3 years and that was most of the weight gain (I've always been slim). I went off HRT with the start of Primal/Paleo, and am hoping the dietary changes elminiate some of the killer hot flashes.

    I'm leaving heavy cream and butter in my diet, along with moderate cheese.
    It took me a full week to get into ketosis. I'm trying to stay within 20-30 carbs per day for now. With a bit of testing, 40 carbs knocks me out of ketosis. I've lost 3 lbs since I started, but it's flucuating a bit.

    My appetite is already greatly reduced during the day, but man I wake up starving and it lasts a few hours. For breakfast I saute onions, bacon and spinach and add 4 eggs, and will be full for an hour or two, then I need a snack, usually an avocado or some meat. I just found a great app for my iPad so I can enter in what I'm eating and see my carb and calorie count.

    I know folks on the PB diet don't typically worry about calories, but I'm a huge eater with a decent metabolism and I figure if I want to shed the pounds I'm going to have to watch those calories too.

    I'm very active in the spring and summer on the farm and gardening, fall and winter I tend to enjoy being inside and spend most of my time quilting, so other than a 2 mile walk 4-5 days a week, I'm not very active then.

    Occasionally the urge for something sweet/crunch overwhelms me, and I have some homemade trail mix I snack on for that, but 1/2 cup is about 35 carbs, so when I indulge I knock myself out of ketosis for a day.

    I'm hoping to drop at least 20lbs by spring!

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    Welcome and good luck. Do what works for you. I don't worry about calories.
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      It took me a month or so before I felt like my appetite started to normalize...and during that time I ate a lot of nuts and stuff that slowed down the weight loss. But then it came together and the weight came off (about 15-20 lb.s from February to August 2012). But I never tried to stay at such low carbs--when I logged my food for a week or so (summer, blueberry season!) I was usually between 75-100 I think. I like my veggies and salads and don't worry about ketosis. You might want to try higher carbs if you don't feel great. Also look for posts on carb refeeds.


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        Originally posted by cjtinkle View Post

        I know folks on the PB diet don't typically worry about calories, but I'm a huge eater with a decent metabolism and I figure if I want to shed the pounds I'm going to have to watch those calories too.

        I'm hoping to drop at least 20lbs by spring!

        Instead of counting calories, eat for optimal health, and pay attention to WHEN and WHY you are eating. Food you eat for reasons other than hunger -- or far beyond satiety -- is food your body didn't ask for.

        I have a huge appetite too, and I FREAKING LOVE GOOD FOOD! Still, by learning to respect my hunger cues, and eating clean mostly primal foods, most of the time, I have enjoyed fantastic food and dropped 2 pants sizes in a year. That's without weighing or measuring myself or my food, and without counting a single carb, calorie or macro.

        The only drawback is that I'm not hungry as often as I would like, so I have fewer excuses for stuffing my face.
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          Thank you for the responses. I'm about 2 weeks in now and have gained a pound back. I've decided sticking to low enough carbs to keep me in ketosis is probably not going to work on my body, since it isn't burning any fat apparantly. The last 2 days I've enjoyed more fruit and veggies, but I'm really struggling with my calorie count... I know I know, I'm not supposed to count calories, but if I eat more than I burn I'm not going to lose weight right?

          I seem to need around 2000 a day in order not to feel hungry. And yes, eating out of HABIT is the worse thing to kick! Mid afternoon everyday I CRAVE my homemade trailmix, which is just a killer to munch on.

          If I eat more fat I'm not as hungry as when I eat more fruit and veggies, but that keeps my calorie count even higher... more than I'm burning a day I know.