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10 Days this normal???

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  • 10 Days this normal???

    I have been reading and researching the primal blueprint. My health has gotten way out of control and for the first time I realized I am killing myself. I am a 41 year old woman 5'4" and weigh 277...I decided to just do it. On January first I cleaned out the panty and fridge and I have consumed only meat vegetables, fruit , almonds and water for the lat 10 days. Today I had to choke down my food. I have not had an appetite at all and have more energy than I have had in years. If I am not hungry is it okay to just not eat. I have not had any headaches or felt like I need to eat al all.

    I am also having my 7 year old and 15 year old (both girls) eat the same way. Both girls have had no issues either but my 15 year old takes metformin 500 mg twice a day.

    Any advice or things I should know or watch for. I am on info overload and looking for some good support and mentoring.

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    Yep if not hungry, don't force yourself to eat.
    its the higher fats keeping you satisfied longer.
    My children eat the same way as me, except I give them fruit and nuts, where I don't eat any.

    There are lots of threads around here, best not to get in to deep, and just follow the book for a while before trying to change anything It can be so over whelming.


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      Yes, it is. I agree with Ayla - stick to the book for a long time, despite what tweaks you read about here. Some folks can't resist playing around with the Primal, a very few are simply idiots, and some others have serious medical issues that complicate things, and if this isn't you, just stay on the straight and narrow.

      Your body is going to do some stuff to you as you get lighter and healthier, so try to relax as it happens. In time, you will learn where your sweet spot is in regard to Primal nutrition. And welcome to the MDA!
      I have a mantra that I have spouted for years... "If I eat right, I feel right. If I feel right, I exercise right. If I exercise right, I think right. If I think right, I eat right..." Phil-SC


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        With the daughter on Metformin, keep a close eye on her blood sugars. I assume you check her fingerstick regularly since she is on an oral hypoglycemic. Going to a lower carb diet and not changing the medication can cause a hypoglycemic event to occur.


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          Eat when you're hungry. Don't when you're not. Food you eat beyond fullness, or for reasons other than hunger, is food your body didn't ask for.
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          There are no cheat days. There are days when you eat primal and days you don't. As soon as you label a day a cheat day, you're on a diet. Don't be on a diet. ~~ Fernaldo



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            Originally posted by workinprogress View Post
            With the daughter on Metformin, keep a close eye on her blood sugars. I assume you check her fingerstick regularly since she is on an oral hypoglycemic. Going to a lower carb diet and not changing the medication can cause a hypoglycemic event to occur.
            This drug is also given for PCOS< not just diabetes.


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              She didn't specify the reason her daughter takes it. I would still be concerned about hypoglycemia even if she isn't diabetic. I also tend to be overly cautious about medications, so if my concerns aren't justified feel free to disregard.


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                It's perfectly normal, especially if your body is burning through its own reserves! A human at under 10% body fat still gas tens of thousands of calories of energy stored. If you're burning through your own fat, you'll be getting many calories from that alone.

                I would not advise fasting for over 36 hours, though, as you may become deficient in certain nutrients or upset your body's natural rhythm, so try and eat a little. It isn't a certainty, but some people are at risk of random problems when they fast too long. If you feel fine fasting for over 36 hours, go ahead, but I wouldn't recommend it. Most of the time, though, fasting is fine.
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                  Yes, as the others said - if you're not hungry, don't eat! I just went through a similar period of really minimal appetite. Your body is telling you what it needs - listen to it! Nice work and congrats on switching to Primal!
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                    It sounds OK to me. As others have said listen to your own body and stick to the advice in the book. Don't rush it. This is not a diet its a way of life..go with the flow.
                    Caution! My replies may contain traces of nuts!. My posts are just my opinion based on my experience with the primal way of life, there is no assurance it will work with others in the same way.

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