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    Hi everyone,
    I'm Lisa. I have 3 kids aged 4, 7 and 9. I'm just discovering paleo and primal eating and life style and I have a million questions... I know I have a lot more reading to do.

    My biggest question and worry is about feeding my kids. Like most western kids mine live on bread, pasta, rice, noodles, biscuits (cookies), cheese, yoghurt... you know.

    They also eat meat, fruit and veggies but wheat products and dairy seem to make an appearance in every meal. My husband is a vegetarian so there's another battle!

    Looking forward to learning more and hopefully changing our lives for the better.

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    Welcome Lisa. keep up the reading and the experiments, you will learn so much as you go.

    Don't worry about feeding your children, I'm sure you and they are both doing fine so far. Meat, fruit, veges and dairy are all primal.

    You can begin to unobtrusively reduce the wheat by for example serving rice and potatoes more often than pasta, they may not even notice for a while.

    Make the good food so tasty and delicious that they will not even miss the junk.

    Rice bubbles and yoghurt go down well with kids instead of toast.

    Primal pancakes can be made from bananas and eggs.

    The children are young enough to learn good habits from you at home, I know it is disheartening how often other people will ply them with total garbage but there is not much can be done about that.

    Oh, just noticed about your vegetarian husband - well maybe when he sees how delicious your food is he will come around. Bacon is almost irresistable IMO.

    Good luck.
    Annie Ups the Ante


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      I have actually found it isn't too hard to transition my kids. Granted my oldest is 5, so they are bit easier to persuade. Even at that age, they understand the concept of healthy versus unhealthy. The one concession I make is breakfast. I let my kids eat organic gluten free cereal, because they love cereal and I am too lazy to make eggs for three kids whilst trying to get my oldest ready for school. I also have a meal policy that if you don't like what I cooked, you can wait until the next meal. I've also had good luck with paleo biscuits (rolls?). The only one who complains is my mother. We also make primal cookies every now and then as a treat. They don't taste exactly like regular cookies, but still good.


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        Thank you so much for your replies. It's heartening to know it's possile. I made the kids bacon and eggs this morning and they thought it was pretty great. My kids are on summer holidays (in australia) at the moment so it's easier. My challenge will be school lunches when they normally go with sandwiches, cheese and crackers and muesli bars.


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          For lunches we've been sending our kids with leftover soup or stew; when leftovers are scarce we'll send gluten-free bread sandwiches.


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            My daughter takes leftovers to school sometimes as well. Sometimes she has the lunch meat and cheese without bread. She loves sausage so sometimes I will heat it up and put it in a thermos so it is warm for her at lunch. Right now she doesn't want any meat for lunch so she takes applesauce, a piece of fruit, yogurt and cheese. I'm not the biggest dairy fan but at least it is some protein. She is happy with it and eats it all without complain. She used to take veggies with some dip, and occasionally will, but I think the other kids thought the veggies were "yucky" so she stopped eating them. The school has been very good about working with me about keeping her wheat-free even though I don't have a doctor's order. It helps that I volunteer to help at class parties so I can keep an eye on her. The teachers know she isn't supposed to have wheat or artificial colors, but assistants do not! My daughter didn't mind a bit she was having different snacks because she understands that we eat healthy food and what is served at the party is not healthy. I sent her own cookies for the party.


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                I've made a few subtle changes this week and so far no one has complained. We've had more rice and no pasta. We've cut right back on bread and I've bought some gluten free cereals for when they get sick of scrambled eggs for breakfast.

                My oldest has enjoyed having a tin of tuna for lunch and my youngest thinks she is "getting away with something" by eating a whole carrot instead of me cutting it up for her. My middle boy has over loaded on fruit I think and has had a bit of diarrhea.

                I have lost 2.4kg (about 5 pounds) in just over a week!