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  • Looking for like minders

    Joining this forum to find some like minded support! I've always know I need to eat low carb diet- sugar, grains, dairy, even fruit!, seem to send me into a binge and create bloating and digestive problems. Only recently have I learned that eating well is not just about carbs vs protien but also about whole foods, nutrients, and avoiding poisonous things.
    I am surrounded by conventional wisdom- it seems like I somehow continue to get sucked into calorie counting, low fat, vegetarianism! And taking it a step further, I know that I really do best with veg and meat and eggs, very little dairy, very little nuts, and very little if any fruit.

    So, I need support from others that know conventional wisdom around eating is flawed, and while I know that primal eating isn't a low carb diet, I'm hoping to find some buddies that like me, thrive on low carbs.

    I'm at a healthy weight but would love to drop some lb's- and I know from experience that if I eat whole high quality food and keep carbs under 50 or so grams a day I will lean out and feel amazing!