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    I have been going Primal for about a month. I started with increasing my low-intensity movement and then shifting to protein and vegetable eating routines. I am scaling back my cardio workouts, which I really love. Now I run at a pace that keeps me in the "zone" for 30 - 40 minutes and I feel great before, during and after! I am hooking up with a trainer to learn some equipment-free strengthening moves so that I can integrate that piece into my movement routines.

    I am 48 and weighed as much as 310 pounds about 9 years ago. I lost 70 pounds by inadvertently going Primal about 6 years ago. I went from sedentary to walking 30 - 90 minutes a day and stopped eating wheat. Much to my amazement, the pounds melted away! I've stayed at that weight til now without any effort or dieting and with on again off again fitness routines. Now I have a two year goal to lose 50 lbs! I started at 230 and am down to 225! My past experience shows me that this is going to work! What I love about reading Mark's book is that now I know why! My goal weight is 180, though, I always qualify that by saying wherever I land by living and eating in a healthy way is where I land. I like the 180 goal though, because 180 degrees is also a complete turn in the other direction and I feel like taking charge of my health and well-being in all areas of my life is going to lead me in directions and to places I've never dreamed of.