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  • Back from the "other side"

    Hello All

    Well, here I am... Just turned 50 and getting scared. I've had weight problems most of my adult life but now it's starting to hurt. Probably need to lose about 100 lbs and this time it just absolutely has to be for real. Blood pressure is steadily climbing and diabetes is most likely right around the corner. Family history of everything and all the men in my family have died in their mid/late 60's... I am a commercial pilot by trade and the FAA doesn't like sick pilots!!! I have at least 15 years of flying left in me and don't want to start a new career at this point in my life so I need to get healthy for real this time.

    Long story short: I have had tremendous results in the past with a low carb WOE and cut my teeth on Atkins about 10 years ago. Lost a bunch of weight and felt great. Jeeezzz, now why would I have changed that you ask? Well, I got scared of all the so called "research" and decided I was going to switch to a plant based diet. Not quite vegan but pretty close. I let myself believe that I was clogging my arteries with lard and was going to flop over dead at any second (you should read some of these vegan forums!) Well, it turns out carbs make me fat! Not to mention it's real easy to blur the lines with a plant based diet, especially with the grains, sweets etc. So naturally I'm back to my 50%+ BMI and really feeling it now.

    I'm genuinley scared this time as I have way too much to do yet before I die. Not bad sick yet but definitely headed that way so here I am. I would normally be on a couple of the low-carb forums but I like this approach better and the atmosphere on this board seems a little more laid back. Plus Grok seems cool! Anyway, I have a lot of reading to do so I'll see you on the board. Wish me luck... I really need it!

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    Welcome! You can do it this time!
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      Glad you're here. I am too on the "other side" of the half-century mark. My "rebirthday" was on 9/15/11 when I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. Since then I've dropped 80 some pounds and rid myself of the diabetes and the rest of the Metabolic syndrome diseases - gout, high blood pressure and high triglycerides. You can do it too. Read up - the Primal Blueprint is great and I am currently reading "The Great Cholesterol Myth", a great book to scare you off refined carbs and into fats!!!

      Don't be afraid to reach out and ask for help from us - we love to help everyone feel as good as we do!
      Started 9/15/11 at 323 pounds
      2/16/13 at 241 pounds
      Goal is 223 pounds or less


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        I am 62 and just went primal 5 weeks ago. I have lost 10 lbs +. I can walk where I couldn't 5 weeks ago, I can step up onto my treadmill, I couldn't before. I started just doing leg lifts. Now I am going outside, walking without walker in house, and am feeling better than I have in years. Be scared! I have the diabetes, I couldn't walk, my fat was generating more fat, I was eating almost nothing and none of it felt good. In 3 weeks I dropped the 1st 10 lbs and also 20 units of insulin. This week, I find I am not hungry. Seems my fat is finally feeding my body! I'm finally giving my body what it needs and I am not hungry or craving any foods. I did the Atkins diet years ago but it was too hard on my kidneys. This lifestyle seems to be helping my kidneys. As soon as I can I am going to get a blood panel done. I'll post back and let you all know how it turns out.
        You do not need luck, just someone to believe in you. I believe you can do it. My daughter challenged me to do it for 3 weeks and I took her up on it. Now, I don't want to ever go back again.
        I believe in you. I challenge you to do the diet for 3 weeks no cheating. Then I'll wish you luck. God bless, cremory.


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          Good luck Chopper! Think of this as a positive lifestyle change! It really works for you if you choose to change. Change is good! I'm 52 and retired recently from 29 years in a stressful job where life expectancy is 2 years after retirement! Hmmmm no wonder so many of my partners seem to never retire. Anyway, I needed a change in my eating habits and a big brake check on my alcohol (I love microbrews!!!!) consumption! Like Cremory my daughter told me about PB and I bought and read both books in a few days. And now after 4 weeks I've lost 18 lbs and have already lowered my blood pressure.

          I've had high cholesterol for the last ten years or so, and have used statins for the last few (when i remembered to take them) just because my DR told me to. he also said don't eat eggs and bacon, or very much beef, or drink too much (sure doc!). But after much reading I believe that statins interfere with the body's natural production of cholesterol (good and bad), harm your liver, and produce other serious side effects! I still have a good red wine 2/3 nights a week with a small piece of dark chocolate and I've actually had a few really really really good microbrews in the last month. Not my usual 2-4 a day haha!

          You can do this Chopper just cut out all the crap, processed foods, sugars, grains, legumes, and dairy. I do have a little goat cheese with olives as a snack and use a splash of goat milk in coffee. I also don't see this as a free ticket to eat a pound of bacon everyday and have a giant steak every night. Thats just me though. I eat fish 3/4 times a week, beef (grass fed) several times a week lunch or dinner, pork several times, and tons of pasture raised chickens my go to food! i do eat more eggs then i used to. probably 10/12 a week now. Tons of veggies with each meal! I've backed off on fruit and nuts this last week until i reach my goalish weight.

          I believe people use the primal lifestyle to make positive changes in their lives, whether they use bits and pieces or embrace the whole primal ideology! I'm more or less all in at this point but that always subject to change I suppose as alas I am human! Again good luck and I hope to see some of your positive posts! Peace....5x