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  • Greeting from Maryland

    Hello everyone! I've read poked around this forum occasionally, and decided to take the plunge today. I'm a 25 year old law student in Maryland (as my clever handle suggests), and I came across the Primal Blueprint over my winter break, after a recommendation on an unrelated forum. I've been following it at least 80/20 since then, and it's been wonderful. I sleep better, have lost almost all of my college beer weight, and am verging on a six pack (not to mention other developed muscles) for the first time in my life. It is great!

    I wish I had found all of this earlier. Thinking back on how poorly I ate, as well as how inactive I was in college, I know I would have benefited immensely. It's especially telling to think about how I could have had access to relatively good food throughout college if only I'd known what I was looking for. Now that I'm off a meal plan and supporting myself, it's a little bit frustrating financially! That said, greetings to everyone, and I hope to become active on here as I work on getting healthier than I ever have been, and I want to convert as many of my friends as I can.

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    hey im originally from MD...Frederick county, went to college at frostburg state!!!!!
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      Hey I'm a TX transplant in NoVa! Glad to see there are some people on here kiiiind of close. I agree, if I had known all of these easy, healthy lifestyle choices I could have made in the past life would be different... better late than never, though!

      I don't think you should let financials get in the way of the diet... I am a self-supported undergrad and I have a grocery budget of $35 each Sunday. Idk if thats more or less than what you spend...

      What website did you see MDA mentioned at because that is how I found it too. I was in the forums at t nation when I came across the link.


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        I worked out in college and still ended up with a beer gut! What do you mean by 80/20?
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