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Totally New to Primal thinking

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  • Totally New to Primal thinking

    Greetings from Washington State.

    I am just starting to read the Primal Blueprint i received from my brother, who has been Primal for about a year now. I am 20 pages in and liking what im seeing so far. My current guess from my knowledge and Primal would say im about 15% Primal, and 85% not, but i think with a few tweaks on my diet and exercise program i will be at least 80/20 in no time. I am seeking the Primal way because i love to eat, but also want to lose weight and be all around more healthy. I have made it to gluetin free for the past 3 moths and plan to continue it forever.

    Biggest thing that inspires me to become Primal.... MEAT!!!!!

    Just wanted to say hi and i will be creating a journal once i get on track and finish reading the book.

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    Congrats on getting going and the gluten freedom. Meat rocks!


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      Good luck!


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        Welcome! Don't be shy if you have any questions, we have a forum full of awesome people here who can 99% of the time help out.


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          I will be sure to ask questions as they come up. Thanks for the welcomes