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  • Hello!

    Hello everyone! I learned about this forum from a greyhound forum that I belong to - there are lots of primal eaters there!

    I have lupus (it's well managed) but sometimes don't have the energy to exercise and I've been having trouble losing weight.

    Through the guidance of my friends at Greytalk, I have made a couple of simple primal meals over the last couple of days and I have not only enjoyed them, but I feel great - I feel satisfied after my meals and it's even gratifying to cook them!

    I have many food allergies and have always had a hard time sticking to a "traditional" diet because I can't eat raw veggies and I am allergic to many fruits and ALL nuts. Eating a bunch of protein is something I can get behind!

    My boyfriend is skeptical - he loves his whole wheat bread. But, he's not losing any weight either! I am just going to follow the diet as best I can, and see what the results are. Perhaps the results will speak for themselves and I can get him on board with me too!

    I am a full time worker and full time graduate student (graduating next May!), so, I'm pretty busy, and the time it takes to plan "traditional" diets has always just made me not stick to them, and I've always felt like I was starving. This is just so simple and easy for me - have some eggs, drink a protein shake, eat some meat...not tough at all!

    I'm really looking forward to learning more, and I'll DEFINITELY be ordering that cookbook!

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    Hi Kristin, glad you found this board. I'll leave it to the other folks here to offer their suggestions.


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      Welcome Good to see you here you can find a few more GTers around!
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