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A Late Start, input appreciated

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  • A Late Start, input appreciated

    Hello all,
    I've been lurking around the site for a quite a while but haven't been able to commmit to any real changes. My weight has creeped up and my fitness level has decreased over the last few years. This must change.
    It just struck me that my wedding is 12 weeks away! I realize that I have procrastinated far to long to make any HUGE changes before then. But I'm hoping to make enough substantial differences in my lifestyle between then and now in order to not embarrass myself in all the photos.
    So, time to ditch the junk and get moving.
    Paleo chow(less booze), Convict Conditioning + longer dog walks/sprints.

    Any other ideas? Has anyone else been in a similar situation? What worked for you?

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    Hello Bismarck! Sounds like you've taken the first step. You can compare this to your wedding in a way. A "Commitment" to yourself and your family to be healthy and happy! Good luck in your marriage and healthy lifestyle. Peace...5x


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      Welcome, Bismarck, my advice would be to get into it now so you're well past any carb flu type adjustment before the wedding! It took me about 3 weeks to feel like my body made the switch (I'm 48, male), and I started noticing body composition adjustments by then--less pudgy, more muscle apparent, and I was just doing a lot of walking and bodyweight workouts. By 12 weeks I had really started to shed some fat and feel much more energized, steady, strong, and had lost my long-standing nagging back pain. Good luck with it!


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        Half a week in! Low Carb Flu in full effect. Does anyone have tips for staying alert while dealing with the drowsiness of it? I work in a very detail oriented position, and am finding today to be difficult.


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          Try increasing sodium, you could literally just put some salt in your mouth if you need. The increased sodium will help in low carb adaptation.

          Hope that helps!


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            As it turns out, Movie Theatres are dangerous places for someone craving carbs. We did not do well last night.
            Has anyone experimented with "making up" for overeating carbs one day by eating MUCH less the next?