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    Hello Everyone,

    New to the forum and looking for some advice and counsel. So, just being real honest here, a work colleague introduced me to The Primal Blueprint, probably a year or so ago. I dabbled a little bit; bought the The Primal Blueprint book along with the 21day Total Body Transformation and Primal Blueprint Quick & Easy meals, but really didn't do anything with them. Fast forward to this past Friday. Went in for my annual physical, and the doc gave me a wake up call. Said I'm borderline diabetic, blood sugar 120 and gave me 6 months to get it down before he puts me on Meds. I'm 49, turn 50 in June, weigh in at 260 on a 5' 11" frame. I have a bit of a gut, but the weight seems to be distributed all over, so I don't look god awful, but it's time to get real serious. My question is: What should I do to have the most immediate impact on the blood sugar level? I've started following the Primal eating guidelines and exercising the day after the news. I know it's a lifestyle change, but didn't know if an area of concentrated effort could have the most immediate positive impact.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Hi Mark, good on you for taking your wakeup call seriously. It's great that you already have the information you need to turn your health around. It will take commitment and perseverence but is absolutely possible.

    I think you should give your attention first to the food aspect - both eliminating the junk and including all the healthful primal foods. This will give you 80% of your results.

    Eliminating sugar and grains will do the most to lower bloodsugar, and cutting way back on carbohydrates in general, getting most of them from veges and the occasional piece of fruit. I would not even do nuts and dairy for a while. You can't go wrong with meat and veges, meat and veges, meat and veges.

    The exercise and other lifestyle factors like sleep and recreation in nature are important too, but perhaps only worth 20%.
    Annie Ups the Ante


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      Tell the doc you are changing your lifestyle to get healthier and that you are not going to take meds just because your blood sugar is 120. That's absurd. And refuse to take anything but Metformin if you do agree to meds. The rest of the diabetic meds are crap, IMHO.
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        Been there, done that - my blood glucose was over 500! Doc put me on Metformin and Januvia. I went on the Glycemic Index Diet first, then I read The Paleo Solution and The Primal Blueprint. These books changed my life. I was on 9 differenet meds - gout, blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes and cholesterol. My triglycerides were 1100! I only take one med now - still an't get that last bit of blood pressure to disappear. As Annie said, the best thing you can do is cut out as many carbs as you can. Shoot for less than 35 grams at first. Eat 2 eggs for breakfast, a big-ass salad with lots of blue cheese dressing and bacon for lunch and then a nice hunk of meat for dinner with some green veggies. I used to eat a lot of almonds as a snack too - but watch the carbs in them!

        Did your doc do an A1c test on you? This measures the amount of glucose that's stuck to your red blood cells and gives a good indication of a three-month average of you blood sugar level. Anything under 6.0 is considered okay, but i like to shoot for lower than that - like between 5 and 5.5. If you do this, there is a good chance your cholesterol will go up - but so will your HDL and your triglycerides will go down. Then you will fight your doc about statins!

        Good Luck!
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          Thanks for the feedback Annie. Greatly appreciated. Cutting back the carbs is the tough part, especially after dinner. Any tips on low carb munchies to satisfy the after dinner cravings until I get disciplined to cut back on the after dinner eating? Thanks again.


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            I'm new to the forum so please ask around for other advice

            but I find fat stopped my cravings, really nice organic cream from grass fed cattle, whipped up thick with a small piece of fruit, some nuts

            be interested to see what others says


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              Go Tribe. Thanks for the comments. I do not know if he did an A1c test. I just went in for an annual physical and they did whatever blood work they do for that. I'll have to call and ask. Thanks again.


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                do the 21 day transformation and go back and get the check up done again! haha


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                  Originally posted by MarkT0313 View Post
                  Thanks for the feedback Annie. Greatly appreciated. Cutting back the carbs is the tough part, especially after dinner. Any tips on low carb munchies to satisfy the after dinner cravings until I get disciplined to cut back on the after dinner eating? Thanks again.

                  My best tip regarding the after dinner munchies is to eat more dinner. Otherwise, you could try some berries and cream (if you blend them together it will be like softfreeze icecream), a few nuts, a couple of squares of dark chocolate. However, any of these options are liable to interfere with successful weight loss.

                  Cutting back the carbs IS hard. I find starting the day with eggs gets me off on the right footing, and makes carb management easier all day. If you cut drastically the cravings will soon cease, but if you try to do it gradually I suspect you will find them much tougher to conquer.
                  Annie Ups the Ante