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  • Am I on the right track?

    Stumbled across this amazing website and forum last week and was at the perfect time for me as I haven't been well lately and felt that the time was right to make a positive change for myself. I jumped into PB (or my version of it from what I can gather through the articles as I havent actually purchased the book yet, on the way) on Monday and want to know if I am on the right track.

    I decided to cut out everything (yeah, extreme right) grains, dairy of most types (causes me lots of mucus) and refined sugars. So this week has consisted of lots of meats, eggs, vegetables, nuts, fish and thats pretty much it. I have even stayed away from fruit to begin with.

    I have also been taking a high quality fish oil supplement with Vitamin D3 and 5-HTP to help me sleep. I also started taking some Sun Warrior Protein Powder that I had, but not opened or used.

    I made sure I did some form of exercise every day - even if it was just a walk, as my job makes it really hard for me to exercise in terms of giving me time. But I went to the gym once, did some riding on my bike and walking as luckily the weather has been good. Also made sure I got some direct sunshine too - not as much as I would have liked, but I do have some colour on my pasty ghoul-like skin.

    I had a small amount of rice on Thursday night, but apart from that I have managed to stay away from everything that is not conducive to PB.

    Unfortunately as a side effect, I suffered this week from some severe depression, anxiety and panic. I have abused alcohol in the past and actually came off 2 days of drinking a bit too heavily over the weekend, but my alcohol usage levels are nothing compared to what I was doing before.

    Anyway I want to know if I am on the right track and if I should stick with it? The depression and anxiety has eased up a bit tonight, but it was seriously a long dark week of the soul. I personally think that it has to do with complete cutoff from everything (especially alcohol), I guess I just need some sort of confirmation that I am doing OK because it can get kinda confusing out there.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Yes, you're on the right track. Part of the depression and anxiety may simply be your body reacting to a) toxins that have been stored in your fat cells until now, and b) adjusting to using ketones (fat) instead of glucose (carbs) as its main source of energy. Tough it out and you should be fine.
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      Jeremy, Griff's right, a carb-heavy and grain-heavy diet has many addictive aspects, both physical and mental, and the withdrawal can be intense. It certainly was for me. To say nothing of curbing alcohol at the same time! You're asking a lot from your body, but the good news is that you're probably already through the worst of the adjustment symptoms, and in one or two more weeks you should start feeling really fantastic. Until then, you have the rest of us to cheer you on!

      There are so many success stories and amazing transformations described on this web site. Read through them for inspiration and ideas, and you'll soon find yourself creating your own. That's what happened to me.


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        I cut out alcohol when I decided to go primal. Did so only for the first month but I have not gotten back to old habits of multiple drinks a night. I would say at most I have a drink every two weeks or so. It looks like you're on the right track, just get your mind behind you and you'll be on your way.
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          I noticed distinct improvements in my mood and energy levels quite shortly after going primal. Once you start feeling really good, you'll realize how yucky you felt before. Stick it out. It's really worth it.


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            YES! Hang in there.. it's going to get a lot better!!!


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              When you switch from high-carb to low-carb you'll probably experience some mood swings because your brain is used to receiving a lot of sugar. Keep up the low-carb diet, and it will slowly start to metabolize more fat (in the form of ketone bodies). Definitely hang in there for several weeks - you'll probably experience reduced power levels during the period of transition, but eventually you'll be back to normal power levels, but without the need for frequent carb refills. :-)
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