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Looking for primal friends in the Troy and Albany NY area

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  • Looking for primal friends in the Troy and Albany NY area

    Hey everyone, I live in the Albany / Troy NY area, and am having a really hard time finding other people who are into paleo/primal. It's kind of discouraging, as none of my friends or coworkers are interested in this at all. Even my boyfriend does not care about food choices, and thinks eating fast food is just fine.

    I really wish I knew other people who were interested in swapping recipes, or exercising, or working on health problems. Im in my 30s, female, and am dealing with some difficult issues due to a lifetime of sedentary lifestyle, and poor nutrition. I just want to hang out with people who are motivating, and want to move in similar positive directions. I'm not sure how to find them. Maybe they are all at crossfit? Though I don't totally know what that is; it would probably be too much for my current physical abilities.

    So, at the risk of sounding sad and desperate, if you live around here and want to chat please drop me a line! If you know where all the primal people are hiding and want to disclose their secret location, that would work too!