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  • Primal Day 1

    Okay. Today is Day 1 for me. I have to admit, I am kind of excited and a little nervous. I am sure that I will figure it all out, but it seems a little daunting right now. This afternoon I am going to go through the pantry and purge.

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    Today is my Day 1 as well! Goal is to go 30 days perfect paleo. I have tried a few times in the past but this time I am dedicated to this as so many people have done with great results. Good luck to you!


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      good luck to you both! good luck to all of us!

      I can say that it is much easier to be primal than to be vegan/raw vegan blah blah....this actually seems easy compared to that! and once you start to feel the changes in your body its just natural to keep on doing it.


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        Today is my first day also. I'm a little worried about the carb flu, but I'm planning to go cold turkey to get through it. Will have to forage a bit to avoid grains a bit but that's good part of the challenge. I'll try and keep my 20% until the weekend.


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          I wish you well in your journey.

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