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    Hey everyone, I'm a complete newbie, but having read the book, I'm ready to get the caveman look!
    Just a couple of newbie questions, which I hope a few seasoned experts will see:

    1) I know chewing gum is very 'non-primal' yet it is my favourite vice, along with coffee, tea and other student essentials. Is there any research to support the theory that it makes you hungry as it simulates eating without the satiation?

    2) Speaking of tea, am I ok to continue drinking (as is the English way) black tea (I don't really like milk anyway) as a means of hydration? Or is this too, considered too "processed"?

    3) I'm confused about roughly how many calories I should be consuming on a weekly basis, my mother (overly concerned) seems to think that I am eating too little, as I have intermittently skipped a few meals here and there this week, yet made up calories at random 'feast' times... how do you know when you're letting yourself get too hungry? (I have quite a bit of weight to lose, ie about 50 pounds)


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    I think people have chewed stuff forever. Obviously, sugar isn't good and most artificial sweeteners are just as bad. See this post by Mark. Now there is stevia gum. Mark likes stevia. Might be the answer. I have not tried it. Trident Extra Care gum supposedly rebuilds teeth. I don't know whether it does.

    Tea should be ok.

    We don't worry about counting calories. Intermittent fasting (skipping meals) is great. It has helped me a lot. As a newbie, you don't want to get carried away with it but sometimes skipping should be fine. Eat when you are actually hungry.
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      Thanks very much, as sound advice as I could have hoped for!