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HELP!!! Will Going Primal Help Chronic Skin Itch?

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  • HELP!!! Will Going Primal Help Chronic Skin Itch?

    Hello there. My name is Chris and I'm a few months into my primal journey. I'm seeing good results and I'm feeling even better. I love the primal lifestyle!!

    My skin question is not for me but rather for my wife Ruth. As I have begun to see good results with the primal lifestyle I have been be slowly trying to get her on board. This is not easy because Ruth is a HUGE carb lover - sweets, breads, cereal, pasta, etc. Ruth is also blessed with a high metabolism and good genes and is at a very healthy weight and blood chemistry (so far).

    However, Ruth has always had an issue with being constantly tired and within the past year is experience some skin issues. Specifically, she's itchy over her entire body but without a rash. From personal experience, I know going primal will help with her energy levels but I'm wondering if any of you have heard it having affects on chronic itch? We're not talking about an itch that involves a rash or any physical symptoms of redness (unless scratched). We are talking about an itch that is deep and "under the skin" and is literally "driving her crazy". We have ruled out allergies to lotions, chemicals and other skin irritants. It's a very mysterious itch. The internet is full of people with similar symptoms and they all say it's auto-immune. I'm wondering if she's becoming intolerant to all the carbs?

    I have told Ruth that the primal lifestyle may have some positive results on this problem and she is slowly coming on board. I keep telling her that she might as well try it to see if it might work (since everything else has failed thus far) but she really only wants to "test the waters" with the primal lifestyle by eating a meal or two now and then that is primal. I would love to find a specific article on MDA or the internet that speaks to the positive effects of going Paleo on this constant itch problem she is experiencing. Do any of you have any information or ideas?


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    The itching could definitely be linked to her diet. But only switching out a meal or two isn't going to help her issue. She would need to go all in and completely remove the bad foods from her diet for several weeks before she will notice the difference.
    My guess would be gluten for causing the itching but I've also experienced itching as an issue when eating dairy.
    If you can convince her to just give it a try for awhile, it will make a difference. Cutting out all gluten (grains), dairy, legumes and processed sugars for a few weeks will put her on the right track.
    Its not an easy change for the carb addicted but giving up a few foods seems like a better alternative than going crazy with unseen itches.


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      I know that being tired all the time, as well as having winter itch or a chronic itch go hand in hand together with thyroid/hormone imbalance, among dozens of other symptoms.

      I too am a few months into my primal journey, and two of the biggest reasons for my trying it is because I have a pretty bad gluten sensitivity, and I have a thyroid imbalance.

      I still get itchy legs sometimes, usually when I make a mistake and eat sugar, dairy, or grab something from a food counter that doesn't look like it has wheat in it but probably does (I'm getting better at avoiding food counters all together though!)

      So yes, going primal will definitely help, at least in my experience. And when all else fails, moisturiser usually helps as a last resort. Just use natural ones. c:


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        Suffered for over a decade with that. Never any visible problem, just an intense and constant itch. It was so bad, I would scratch my shins bloody in my sleep.

        It was iron deficiency for me. My anemia was caused by celiac disease.

        Even if her hematocrit and hemaglobin are WNL, she should have an iron panel done. It is much more detailed, and can pinpoint the issue. It is totally possible to have a normal H/H and be very low in iron, especially women. It catches up with you eventually.

        Good luck! I do not miss that maddening itch one bit!


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          Thank you so much for the advice!


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            Possibly. I used to have major skin itchiness- especially on my feet- that would just drive me nuts. It would keep me awake, it was so bad. When I switched to primal, it resolved. If I cheat, it comes back.
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              My son gets exczema when he has gluten.


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                Grains give me eczema, but when I used to itch all over, it was from a sensitivity to parabens, which is a common preservative in lotions and soaps. You have to be careful about what goes on your body as well as what goes into it.


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                  Absolutely! I have suffered with chronic itching for 2 years, depending on large doses of Benadryl just so that I could sleep. It was so bad that I would wake up with blood under my fingernails from scratching so bad in my sleep. Since going primal I have noticed a HUGE difference. I can finally get some sleep without having to drug myself. Tell her to just give it a try for a couple of weeks and see if it makes a difference.


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                    Originally posted by EagleRiverDee View Post
                    Possibly. I used to have major skin itchiness- especially on my feet- that would just drive me nuts. It would keep me awake, it was so bad. When I switched to primal, it resolved. If I cheat, it comes back.
                    THIS! Plus some itchy rash patches on my lower legs, and edema in my extremities, and athletes foot, and gout.

                    Cutting out grains and processed food -- which by default cut out most of the sugar and all the high fructose corn syrup -- instantly helped the edema, and gradually helped everything else.

                    If I overindulge in starchy sweets, my toes will start to itch. But I haven't had a case of athletes foot or gout since going primal.
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                      Thank you all so much for this information. We have found it really helpful.


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                        It's possible. Fatigue and itchy skin can actually be side effects of mild to moderate food allergies. I had the same kind of thing back before I discovered I had an allergy to wheat. Perhaps she is eating something regularly that is causing her body to suffer. I would definitely try being Primal because it cuts all the stuff that human beings just recently started eating, and if that doesn't do the trick I would go in for some food allergy tests. Nuts and shellfish are also common allergies that could be causing this.
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