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    I've been following the Primal/Paleo lifestyle for about 2mths now and although I find it enjoyable I am frustrated that I haven't lost any weight

    I exercise quite a bit (I know that Mark recommends not to over due it) but I do an hr of kickboxing three times per week, hit the gym for a quick 15-30min weight session, run the track (training for a 10km) once per week, and swim lengths (training for my first tri). The only thing I have noticed is some muscle definition in my upper body, but my clothes still are fitting the same.

    I know I shouldn't base my progress soley on the number on the scale, but come ON!!! I was hoping for some movement!!! or least my pants to fit looser....

    Sincerely Frustrated and open to any suggestions

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    Hi. Welcome. Sorry about the frustration.

    Tell us more. Height, weight, BMI if you know it, what you eat.

    What did you eat before Primal?
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      I do think you need to share how much weight you realistically need to lose. From your lifestyle, you sound like you might be fit and at a good BMI already. Primal helps your body to normalize. If you need to lose weight, you often will when you eat primal. If you don't need to lose weight, you probably won't (short of serious calorie cutting). If you need to gain weight, you probably will. It's a lifestyle that optimizes the body.
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        PB isn't a diet.
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