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  • Hello

    Hello there,

    I am new to the entire concept presented on this blog.
    Quite intrigued about much of the information...

    I am on the second day of receiving Mark's daily email (set of seven), and just getting familiarized with the entire approach.

    A bit about me.
    I am a musician and a music educator.
    My main instrument is the Classical Guitar but I also play other styles, and also other instruments.
    I teach Music in the public school system.
    Happily married, with children.

    Looking forward to learn more on the blog and the forum.

  • #2
    Hi, also a guitarist, I play in function bands and wedding bands etc. Been fully primal since November last year. My attention span, concentration ,dexterity, memory and enjoyment of music have all improved since November. Plus i look better on stage which is a bonus! Good luck with it!
    Healthy is the new wealthy.