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  • Excited to start out fresh!!

    Hi guys, I'm Dana. I'm a marine stained in 29 Palms. Even though I only have 2 months left, I am trying to get into shape. I've always been a big guy, so is the rest of my family. I've tried diets and withouts in the past with no success. I was finally recommended to the primal blueprint by a friend of mine. I'm currently waiting for my books to arrive, but I would like to start ASAP! Any advice on recipes, diet, and exercise would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking forward to hearing from everyone!!

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    Hi, you can start by reading marks free ebook on primal fitness and the start here section on the main site. Also recipes there and lots of info on what foods are primal.

    Easier is to just bake some meat in real butter and add some veggies. Stir fry, steam the veggies or eat raw. Add some butter onsteamed veggies, really tasty.
    For breakfast and lunch boil eggs, make fried eggs and bacon, make a salad with bits of cooked chicken or canned tuna or smoked salmon. Add some olives if you like them. No recipes needed though for more variety recipes are nice.

    Search the net or this forum for paleo or primal recipe sites or search Amazon regulary for free kindle cookbooks, they change daily and you can read them with a free app or PC software if you don't have a kindle.