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A big howdy from a long-time lurker!

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  • A big howdy from a long-time lurker!

    I've been reading MDA and lurking here for quite some time. Lots of great information and tips. I started working on eating/living healthier after a few family members had some seemingly sudden health issues. I began searching for info and reading as much as possible. I went down the wrong path a couple of times as far as my own health goes(eating "healthy foods" like whole wheat, soy, etc), but I feel like I've finally found the right one now.

    My favorite foods are avocados, shrimp(when I can get it which isn't often), and anything that is BBQ!

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    Hello Jane,

    Welcome. I'm brand new here, too. Good luck on your journey.

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      Welcome! Good favorites! Yum
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        Welcome Jane!

        Best of luck with your journey, and be sure to enjoy as much BBQ as your heart desires! Just avoid the HFCS
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