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Unhealthy British chap seeking a lifestyle change

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  • Unhealthy British chap seeking a lifestyle change

    Your location: Watford, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom

    Age (If you want): 27

    How Primal are you: Not very, I have the books, I'm consuming the wisdom, gaining the knowledge, now I need to apply the theory.

    Do you consume dairy: Yes, milk - daily. Cheese - every few days at the moment.

    Do you drink coffee or tea: Yorkshire Tea, at the moment.

    Motivator for switching to Primal: A friend of mine is into Primal, and he looks fantastic. I want to be a better person, I would like to live a long and healthy life, and alarm bells have been ringing for a long time and its about time I did something about it.

    Favorite exercise: Well, at the moment I'm still really new to a Primal routine. So far I enjoy absolutely blasting it (sprinting) down to the shops.

    Favorite Primal food: To be decided. But I love Chicken and Lamb, so I suspect it will be a dish that involves one of those fine meats.

    Best part about being Primal: Working towards consuming foods I know to be healthy and not actually harming my body.

    Worst part about being Primal: Working out of the old routines (food), and working with fresh ingredients, planning ahead and trying to make meals that are tasty, yet Primal. I'm struggling at the moment if I'm honest, but we are still going through the process of outing all our rubbish foods from the freezer, fridge and cupboards in favor of primal foods. Also finding direct routes to fresh foods outside of the supermarket is a challenge.

    Well, to introduce myself a bit further, my name is Leigh, I've been reading Mark's Primal Blueprint for well over a year now (No, I'm not the slowest reader in the world, just reading it on and off) and I finally want to take what I've been learning and try to slowly progress into a Primal lifestyle.

    First and foremost, I'm working with food and trying to master some Primal meals (once again mainly from Mark's recipe books), so that I have that nailed down, as I feel that is the area that we (myself and my partner, who I'm merrily bringing along on this adventure) could easily slip up - You know, coming home from work and taking the easy road and flinging a frozen pizza into the oven after a long day.

    At the moment I'm also working on a daily routine of maximizing my sleep and getting a nice morning rhythme going to get in lots of things before the working day, and incorporating as many aspects of Primal into my work, which is otherwise unfortunately sitting in front of a computer all day.

    Anyway, I didn't really want to make this a long post. I just wanted to say Hello, good to meet you, and its probably fairly obvious to you veterans that I'm very young to the Primal way. I've only been focusing on what Mark has brought to the table, but I feel I need to keep it as simple as possible at this stage and once I feel like I'm doing well, I can branch out and learn more from the community as a whole. That is why I am here really. So with that said, I look forward to talking to you all, learning and sharing in this great adventure and I'm sure I will have a ton of questions along the way.

    Leigh aka Lengle

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    Welcome mate, I'm not that far from you, did some work in Rickmansworth a couple of years back. Looks like you'll do just fine once everything falls into place.


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      Hi Leigh, welcome, I'm in SE London. I found the change over fairly easy once I thought about food like this - think of a meal - take out the grains - add a pile of cooked veg with butter - or stir fry veggies - or salad - and hey presto.
      I have never enjoyed my food so much !!!


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        Hi Leigh,

        Welcome. In terms of morning routine, I have a couple resources that may help you out:

        The first is an article I wrote a bit back: Why I Love My Morning Routine (And How You Can Too) - Travel 'n' Wellness

        The second is a website detailing a number of successful people's morning routines:

        Good luck!
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