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  • Hello to all and a quick question


    Just have to say that I am new to the Paleo eating, about 3 weeks in and feeling fantastic. I read The Paleo Solution and am about 1/4 of the way into the Primal Blueprint. After an initial shake up and shock of my own knowledge on healthy eating I had to give it 100% and dive in - I have to admit that my body went into some sort of freak out, Insulin Panic [?] for a couple of days and then righted itself... it was strange

    I will need to lay a touch of backstory before I ask my question. January, the month of resolutions, I wake up hung over on New Years Day and decide I'm done. Done with feeling and looking like a monkeys ass. I quit smoking on the spot and haven't had one since. I had 2-3 beers in Belize in Feb and haven't had anything else until 2 weeks ago, and it was a gin and tonic. I weighed in to start at 215 and I am now 193 - I've lost 21 pounds so far.

    So here I am today..... 3 weeks into Paleo eating, 99.75% whole hog: No grains, no dairy [the .25 accounts for the 1/2 Cup of rice I had with curry last weekend. it was worth the cheat]

    During the weight loss I've experienced, I kept "Stalling" for a week, sometimes 2 in a row at the same weight and then whoooooops, I'd weigh in 1-2 pounds less. Since I've switched over from being a calorie pinching nutcase and HIIT madman 3 weeks ago..... I've stalled out at 193. I don't get it.

    Is this my reprogramming? Is this normal? Will the burn kick back in again? I hope so!!! I want to look awesome naked with bacon clenched in my teeth!!!


    thanks a bunch. I'm learning a lot!

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    Your body going "into some sort of freak out, Insulin Panic [?] for a couple of days and then righted itself..." is known as a carb flu. Check out Paleo Hacks for a more detailed explanation. Some people get it (I did), some don't. As for the weight loss, well, it's only been 3 weeks. Give it 3 months. 6 months. It took you awhile to get into your current shape, it will take awhile to get into a different one.


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      Carb flu... just learned a new one but that's a good short description... I'll do a search on it when I get home on my new FORUM ANDROID APP!! Sweet!!


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        Primal Hacks: Is this a section of the site, the forum, the book? Sorry having a time locating it



        *** Paleo Hacks - sorry I must've been reading it wrong. I'll look again. Thanks****
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