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  • New but seeking help and direction

    Hi folks,
    I'm the new boy with a wish to get healthy and slim.
    well here goes.
    My names Gary and I'm 41 from N-Ireland. I'm 5'11'' and weigh 15 st 9 pounds.
    I found this site while looking for help with my weight and have bought Marks book and have started to read it (very interest and so on the ball). I am ready to go primal now but just a little help and direction is needed.
    I really need to loose the weight and I know I sound sad and I should be concentrating on getting health but the weight thing is a big thing with me (how vain lol).
    I told my friends about this site and PB and how we should be eating this way. So after my friends had finished laughing I was informed that weight watchers is the way to go. Nah I think I'll stick to this as any weight they seem to loose they put back on.
    so some questions for help:-
    I got a training program before I found this site and its called turbulance training any one used it or know about it. Did it work?
    As I really need to loose the weight shall I get rid off the dairy/milk and cut out the fruit or cut it down.
    Any other help would be most appreciated.

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    Hi, Gary, and welcome to the forums. Try using the search function and you'll be amazed at the wealth of information here, although you may end up getting more confused as many of us contradict each other. From my perspective, being an Irishman you should have no problem with full-fat dairy, but if you want to concentrate on weight loss you'll likely want to cut out the fruit for a while. Good luck!


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      Cheers mate I'll check it out.