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Greetings, everyone. New here with serious issues =(

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  • Greetings, everyone. New here with serious issues =(

    Browsing this board for the past few days has offered me some helpful tips, but I certainly need more advice. I'll try not to go into too much detail unless asked questions, as this post could otherwise end up very lengthy!

    I'm turning 29 this month, and am suffering from a serious problem. I've had very bad anxiety/panic my entire life, but still managed to live a somewhat normal life until about age 16, when my parents divorced. This set my problems into overdrive. Then, at age 18, I underwent a few "bad trips" on mushrooms, and I've never been the same since. I developed severe alcoholism as a way to cope with my issues (mostly beer, and lots of it), and was CONSTANTLY craving massive amounts of carbs and sugar. No doubt this has damaged my digestive tract severely. I found opiates about 5 1/2 years ago, and had used them for about that much time, as it helped my crippling depression issues. I've now been clean from opiates since October.

    What I've noticed this whole time is a definite pattern: usually feeling pretty decent while on an empty stomach. But, shortly after eating, mood PLUMMETS. My energy is non-existent, and I must sit/lay down. This happens even from raw veggies, and even juiced veggies.

    Too many carbs sends me into sweats, along with a textbook hypoglycemic crash. Looks like insulin resistance.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures, so I recently (Saturday, May 25th) adopted a super strict diet: only eggs, and well-steamed vegetables. I seem to handle fish ok, as well. I cook with coconut oil, which has definitely caused Candida die-off symptoms. However, even too many steamed veggies can cause me to crash, so I have to be REALLY careful with them.

    During this diet, I've actually had moments of true happiness, which just floored me to feel without the aid of any drugs or alcohol. Then, two days ago, I decided to try adding chicken. BAD idea. I crashed horribly, into brutal crying spells and all, and have still not fully recovered. During these episodes, my body literally feels toxic, as if my veins are filled with some sort of poison. I'm suspecting bad leaky gut issues.

    I've also been researching low stomach acid issues, and am very interested in trying Betaine HCL, as low stomach acid seems to be a very real possibility for me. I've been experimenting with apple cider vinegar, but I feel I need something with much more potency.

    I also have every single symptom of bad adrenal fatigue. I can barely handle even 125 mg of Ester-C vitamin C as it's very stimulating at this point. A single drop of iodine will give me too much detox to deal with, also. I do take magnesium daily, in the form of dissolved epsom salt.

    This issue is a major stressor to my wife, although she remains supportive. But she can only see me crash into so many crying spells, ya know? The depression can easily reach suicidal depths if I'm not ULTRA careful with this new diet.

    Basically, the only reason I can even type this out right now is because I haven't eaten anything yet today, and my mood/energy is decent enough to focus on something like this. All questions are welcome, as I'll be needing some serious guidance here, please! =(

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    P.S. Due to my adrenal issues, I crash badly from any exercise beyond walking. Even sex (if I orgasm) will lead to a crash lasting 2-3 days.


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      I don't know what to say except keep experimenting to find what you can safely eat. Good luck!
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        1. See a doctor that will test you for adrenal fatigue. They can test your cortisol levels and hormones. There are supplements you can take that will help in recovery so you can eat!
        2. Read The Mood Cure for your anxiety/mood disorder. It has really made a difference for me.
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          Thanks for the replies. At the moment, I lack insurance and money (a wife and 3 children), so I can't do much in the way of doctors for now. As soon as I'm able, I'd love to get all of the testing done that I can. The last medication I was placed on, Geodon, caused, after a number of months, this BRUTAL side effect known as akathisia, which caused so much stress that my adrenals plummeted back to ground zero.

          Just last night, I tried adding pistachios and almonds back into my diet. I feared a crash, but I was also so damned depressed anyways that I didn't care. I noticed that I definitely received an energy and mood boost from them. Ate more almonds today with breakfast, with the same result. Although I'm far from perfect and have a ways to go, I think the super-low carb diet I was on may have been worsening my mood. Who knows.


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            Get more Magnesium and Vitamin D3 in you. Both will help your adrenals.
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              Thank you for the kind words, Michiel! I've been free from alcohol for at least a few weeks now. My alcoholism was very bad years and years ago - drinking since then has been in the 2-4 wine glasses range. Nevertheless, I'm totally committed to this new diet of mine, which strictly prohibits alcohol, sugar, and carbs beyond steamed vegetables and nuts. Now that I know I can eat as many nuts as I'd like without going into sweats from my insulin resistance, things have gotten a little bit easier. I'm no longer going into 2-4 horrible crying spells every day, but the depression is still there quite severely.

              Interestingly, I noticed last night that I was once again able to use high-dose vitamin C without a bad crash (which is great for the adrenals), so apparently the nuts did something - no matter how slight - to boost my adrenal health just that little bit to handle Vit C supplementation. Today I'm finding my "upper limit" of C, by taking 1,000mg tablets until my stools soften.

              I still am considering a hospital visit for the possibility of medication again, since the depression can often become overwhelming. I have a wife and family to care for. Now that I've found that the vitamin C is tolerable again, and is helping my mood just a small amount, I'm torn whether to continue on with the vitamin C and see if it helps enough, or to just go to the hospital and start up again on medication. It's all very confusing! =/