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Hi! I'm new. And I have a few questions.

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  • Hi! I'm new. And I have a few questions.

    Hi cavemen and cavewomen! After reading the blog for months, I finally took bought The Primal Blueprint, read it in two days, and going to get on the primal bandwagon in earnest. I'm thrilled to be here.

    As a quick background, I was "skinny-fat" through high school (to the point that I worked hard to gain weight for my senior football season) and really started putting on the pounds in college. I would occasionally fight back, losing as much as 50 pounds at one point through calorie restriction, but ultimately peaked at 315.5 pounds (I'm 6'2") in August 2009.

    After a few years of scuffling, I stumbled upon Seth Robert's Shangri-La diet and, in combination with a low-carb diet (read: lots of chicken wings and salads), had a tremendous amount of success, getting all the way down to 212.7 in March 2012. It was a breeze, but then I was relocated back to my hometown, and the combination of increased social engagements and an unstructured work environment (I was working from home) contributed to my falling back into a high-carb diet. Fast forward to present, and I weighed in this morning at 272.6.

    So, I've torn through the book and I'm ready to get started. I hope to create a more sustainable lifestyle than the one I was utilizing during my previous weight-loss success. (My biggest obstacle is that I'm not an experienced cook nor am I terribly excited about learning.) I have two sort of specific questions that I would love to get input on:
    • I play pickup sports (typically touch football, basketball, and wiffleball) on a weekly basis. In all three, I get in a good amount of sprints, which often feature people chasing me or me chasing people. Is that enough for my weekly sprint workout, or do I need something structured in addition?
    • I'm a sports fan and watch my favorite teams play on television regularly. During baseball season, that means daily three-hour appointments in front of a television screen until bedtime. Beyond moving to the West Coast (which I'm completely open to -- let me know if your company is hiring!), how can I go about making the best of it?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Hi Tank

    Firstly well done on buying the book, to me it is like a Bible for modern living and I carry it in my 'man bag' wherever I go. I use it as a point of reference and to just read bits when I need that psychological reassurance that I am on the right track.

    I too was vastly overweight and tried a few fad low calorie diets. I had great success with these but always piled on the pounds once I finished, for me it was sweets. The sugar cravings would just ruin me!

    What changed everything for me was a total change in perception, I am a 90% primal guy, I don't eat any grains, potatoes, bread, pasta or sugar ( artificial). I eat a lot of raw veg, fruit, nuts and meat and have totally abandoned the routine of eating times. Most people I know think I'm bonkers but frankly I have never felt better, or looked better. As a few people on here will tell you, you don't have to preach to friends and colleagues about a caveman lifestyle they will quickly see how better you look and feel.

    One tip that I have for you is to try and monitor daily your activity, the best thing I got recently was a fitbit flex. I have daily walking and step goals that I adhere to strictly, I try and walk at least 8 miles every day and apart from giving you a huge amount of 'me' time it mentally makes you much happier. I live in the country and really enjoy getting the fresh air.

    With regards to the sport you watch, don't at all fell guilty about this, even GROK sat down for a couple of hours rest every day.. Just enjoy yourself!

    All the best


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      Hi Tank,

      I wouldn't worry about cooking - I fry most things in coconut oil, good way of getting plenty of healthy fats. I also nuke veggies in the microwave, again with CO. Mine does most in 3 mins. Once you figure out a basic time it's easy. If all else fails, there's nothing wrong with bacon and eggs!

      As for watching tv, you don't have to spend all that time sitting! If you're getting advert breaks you can get up and walk around when they come on without missing any action. Or spend the time between alternate breaks standing. I spend a lot of my day on-line. I'm trying to implement a 10 minute rule where I have to get up and walk away every 10 mins, preferably do some squats or other PBF moves just to get moving. I use a gym timer to buzz when it's time to get up.

      And yes, I hear you. I follow the NFL season and have to listen to my favourite team's radio-cast when I can, but rarely manage it live. I also try to catch the one full game the bbc shows every week, again after the event. Last year I'd spend some of that time just moving around, even jogging on the spot while watching the game, just to feel I was doing something positive.
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