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    I'm Sarah. I'm from Canada. I'm a Nuclear Medicine Technologist. I'm a wife and mother to two young girls. I am 100 lbs overweight and am having limited success finding something that works to get it off.

    Previous to this I have been eating Paleo. I always manage to stay "good" for about 2-3 weeks and then inevitably fall of the wagon. I was attracted to Primal because of the variety of foods. Up until last October I was at a gym 6 days a weeks doing heavy lifting and heavy cardio. I broke a bone in my foot in October and haven't been back since. I am now getting into biking (the weather is better now ).

    I haven't always been obese. I was very active and trim up until the age of 19. Through poor diet, less activity, undiagnosed allergies/sensitivities I managed to top out at 309 lbs. I did Weight Watchers and lost 80 lbs before I was married in 2003. Had two babies back to back (no conception problems despite being 250 lbs at conception) and after the second one I started developing hives all over my body daily and migraines twice a month. Through a series of doctors, specialists, my own reading and research I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis AND Chronic Urticaria. I also have a dairy, soy, gluten and corn sensitivity and cannot eat these foods without suffering intense gastric distress and swelling of my lips, hands, feet and lower legs.

    I currently take Synthroid for my thyroid, Reactine and Cimetidine for my Chronic Urticaria daily. I also use Omega 3 capsules, Vitamin B complex, Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin D (4000 IU) daily.

    I haven't lost weight on Paleo to my satisfaction. I would lose some initial water weight but nothing really came off like it does for others. I would get frustrated and give up and binge on the food I was missing (mostly fruit and dark chocolate but other nonpaleo and non primal stuff too). I enjoy cooking. I've ordered the Primal book and cookbook. I look forward to them coming.


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    Welcome! rather than striving for 100% Primal from the get-go, you might do better in the 80-90% Primal zone for a few months, so you don't binge again if the weight isn't coming off fast enough. And if weight loss is your goal, you may want to keep a diary where you track total calories and macros. some people need to do this , some people don't. My bod does not lose weight unless I track carefully and tweak as I go. Also, don't be a slave to the scale-inches lost, how your clothes fit and most importantly, how you feel, matter more than the numbers on digital display.


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      Welcome! I found Paleo a lot harder to stick to. Bringing more fat into the picture helped, as did using salt within reason. The only advice I have for you is to give it time. Forget about the scale for a couple of months. If you have trouble after that, you might want to have a complete metabolic panel done to see what's going on, but there are people on here who know a lot more about that than I do.

      My wife has recently switched to porcine thyroid therapy from synthroid, and the difference in her is amazing. Hard to say whether the porcine is the main factor as she's made a lot of changes, but that's what she's chalking it up to.


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        Thanks. Yes I normally track what I am eating in Sparkpeople. I was doing a more elaborate diary but I find it way too time consuming and sparkpeople is easy to do.

        I've been at all different calorie levels and nothing seems to budge. When I was training at the gym my trainers were stumped as to why I wasn't losing boatloads of weight. It's been a frustrating year needless to say.

        The one thing that has ever made my weight budge was doing lots of walking with a baby in a stroller and not eating after supper.


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          Hi, Sassenach

          You make me feel better, because we share some problems, but not quite all. I have been 100 pounds overweight for quite awhile, but all time high was 288. Hardly below that now. I have fibro-like aches and pains, which don't seem to be "real" fibro. I never married --you're doing very well with that, and two kids! That's awesome! And I have arthritic knees which are a big nuisance, but you broke your foot!

          I've taken thyroid once or twice, (Armour) but not much, because I saw no benefit from it. Sorry about the hives. I hope you can chase that one down and see what to avoid.

          I've lost some water weight, but nothing much else, after a couple of months. I tend to pig out on one thing after another, swearing off some of the old favorites one at a time, but finding something else to overeat. About all that's left now is cheese. Got rid of peanut butter; stopped eating honey straight from the jar; stopped buying 80% chocolate bars every time I went to the health food store (noticed it tended to get me constipated, for one thing, and that the nice feelings from it weren't that special, compared to the letdown afterwards.) Then I started ODing on coconut oil and butter, but just got some kind of stomach flu, so that's gone as well.

          If I don't watch out, I'll be plumb out of bad food habits!

          SCD (Specified Carbohydrate Diet) helped my leaky gut and gave me a hay fever miracle cure last spring, after fifty years of fighting in vain. Elaine Gottschall's book "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" I can highly recommend if you think there may be a gut factor in the hives and thyroid --- more and more I realize that the kind of tenants in the "inner village" is critically important if any well-being is to be achieved. I'm taking probiotics, and sauerkraut (live sauerkraut), and I'll make kim chee pretty soon.

          Anyway, welcome and good luck. I'd focus on getting well and feeling good, and give the weight a lot of slack to wander off on its own. I've been focusing on fixing the sore muscles with some good results, and the knees, so far without. Nonetheless, I read about so many here losing tons of weight and some so fast, and I sort of feel disgusted mine hasn't been coming off. But then, it took a long time to get on, and it's been on a long time, and I truly do find the aches and pains more important than numbers on a scale ---- for now.

          I've tended to obsess about weight since I was about 12, though a lot of that time in retrospect it was just what it ought to have been. I had a neurosis about driving a car, plus I was broke in my twenties, so I walked a lot, and used that good Canadian transit. (I lived in Hamilton, then a year each in Regina and Brandon, Manitoba, then back to Hamilton. I was trained in piano work in Toronto, commuting from Hamilton.) It was only when I moved to California where I truly NEEDED a car for everything that my weight started getting out of hand. And it just never stopped.