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  • Primal in New Hampshire

    Hi my name is Mike. I went fully primal in October and have lost 38 pounds while eating all I want. I say fully primal but my 20% is micro brew beer. I love primal foods but as of yet I am not willing to give up good micro brews, so I eat 100% primal and enjoy some yummy beer on the weekends. So far it has been working great for me.

    I am 47 years old and although I was working out religiously and eating what I thought was a proper diet I was 230 lbs at 5'9" and on blood pressure, cholesterol and GERD medications 6 months ago. About a month after going primal I stopped taking all my meds. Two months later I went in for blood work and to my own surprise all my numbers were in a normal range and better than they had been in many years. WOW! Also the GERD has not come back. My best attempts at curring the GERD through diet changes, without meds, before going primal lasted less then 2 weeks.

    I spend less time at the gym then I have my whole adult life and more time doing enjoyable activities like long walks, hiking, shovel glove (love it) and landscaping with rocks around my house.You NEVER run out of rocks in New Hampshire. LOL I also made a slosh tube(try that after a few beers!) and have recently gotten a new skate board for the first time in 20 years. Fun, fun, fun!

    My diet is all meat and eggs that I am lucky enough to get from a local farm and mostly organic veggies from the super market, until the farmers market starts up in June.I have also found a Buffalo farm that sells its own Buffalo and Elk meats, about 40 minutes from me. I eat wild caught fish, nuts, fruit and cheese each 2 or 3 times a week. Heavenly.

    I supplement with high quality multivitamins and fish oil.

    That's my story. Anybody from around NH out there?

    GROK ON! Mike

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    I'm from NH! I think it's probably the most primal of the continental 50... rivers, mountains, ocean coastline, NH basically rules. I'm trying to go to Lull Farm in Hollis for most of my veggies - where do you get your meat and eggs? I read some good things about Hurd Farms in Hampton but I haven't had time to check it out... mostly I'm just looking forward to farmer's market season!


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      NH does rule! Just don't tell everyone.
      I go to Twist of Fate farm in Dunbarton.
      The buffalo place is in Warrner NH. Yankee farmers market.
      If you ever make it to twist of fate tell them Mike sent you. I am there # customer. They can't believe I eat all that meat myself!


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        Currently in Dover, grew up on the coast. Hurd Farm is right around the corner from the house I grew up in.

        We frequent the Seacoast Farmer's Markets -
        Very excited about the start of the season, as we have access to organic veggies, wild caught seafood, locally pastured elk, buffalo, pork, beef, chicken and turkeys.