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    so far I have been following this advice on the forum, and I have been semi-primal for a couple of weeks, but still eating dairy - yogurt, cheese and butter - no milk.

    I eat tons of veggies, only one fruit per day in the morning, nuts, salads, oils, fish and meat. I feel like i havent seen a big shift in my body yet, could it be the dairy? it is so hard to not go for the yogurt first thing in the morning.

    I also have my wedding in 2.5 weeks and would like to be looking and feeling good in my dress, I have lost 6 pounds since new years, and could lose a couple more ( currently I weigh 132 lbs and am about 5 feet 4)

    I am still waiting for the book int he I'll have tobe patient, but if anyone could lend a couple of wise words for me to follow for the next two weeks it would be great. Oh, and i also drink wine - usually only on the weekend.


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    If you're trying to lose weight - you should cut the nuts and fruit first. If that's not working for you - cut the dairy. Here, have a look at this:


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      Thanks - so really cut the fruit and nuts? I jsut finished breakfast of hazelnuts and wild berries....hmmmm. I will try next week , I have 15 days til the wedding and i would like to she about 3 pounds. Shoudl I also cut dairy. I am getting a bit worried by the quantity of meat I am eating...chicken at lunch steak at it too much?