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    Admittedly, I was previously pretty much gluten-free, corn, soy and a only ate GMO-free organic foods. With that said, I still ate a lot of rice and snack bars that were gluten free and the occasional sando (and er, cake).

    At the beginning of July (2013), my skin broke out terribly and I was tired of the stubborn last 30+lbs hanging around. I had a host of health issues (IBS, PCOS, headaches, tired, arthritis, allergies...) I chalked up to getting older, I mean I eat well, I work out (HIIT & dancing). My acupuncturist actually recommended this lifestyle change and I though, well hell I can do that!

    13 days later....

    I've lost 7 lbs. (amazing!, with no change in my workouts (3xs weeks)
    I feel better! Really!
    I have no sinus headaches, which have plagued me every day for 37 years!
    I have no stomach issues. No going home after eating out, no horrible gas (TMI - but still). No planning my day around what if....
    My peri-menopause symptoms have just about disappeared (increased libido - yay!)
    Oh, and my hair looks awesome

    I just bought the 21 day book, I gleaned most my info from this site, along with some other sites. I am really happy with how I feel! I am having my husband take a before picture

    I can say I do have a hard time cutting the carbs, from fruit. I am a huge fruit eater, so now I make smoothies with 80% veggies, and strong tasting fruit to fulfill my craving.

    Now I can't wait to see how I feel in 30 to 90 days! Thank you so much for having such a resourceful and informative website, great books and very motivating emails!