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  • Hello from San Francisco!

    I am a former collegiate swimmer (= lots of carbs) and then became a marathon runner (... ya). Throughout college I was always sick, had allergies, etc. Over the last year I have started eating primal and the results have been amazing. I still run marathons, but over the last year, I have been able to do it on a primal diet. I probably do eat more carbs than the average paleo dieter, but almost exclusively from fruit and vegetables.

    Im a 23 year old male who recently moved to San Francisco, and am excited to find out about the friendly primal options in SF. I have already been told that I need to check out the Bi-Rite grocery store or something? The Ferry building of course, and the several farmers markets. I also want to check out Incanto. Ive seen Constantino on the food network and this place sounds good. Anyone been?

    Any other suggestions would be great! Id be interested in meeting any other primal San Franciscans as well. And I am always looking for people to run with. Best times are 2:50 in a marathon and 1:18 in a half. If you have similar times and are looking for a training partner, I would be interested.

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    What's up psal, I'm also in San Francisco, 21 year old male, going to SFSU right now, originally from SoCal.

    I'm a former collegiate swimmer too. It messed me up bad. Tendonitis in both shoulders, plus bursitis in the left... caused by overuse. Those damn 13,000 yd. days!!!

    I'm planning on checking out Bi-Rite for pastured meat/eggs/dairy. I'm a "newbie" so for now I've just been sticking to the organic eggs at Trader Joe's. Apparently Rainbow Grocery has pastured eggs from Marin Sun Farms just across the bridge. I'll probably check there for cheese and yogurt too... bummer they don't have meat Otherwise Rainbow is great. Lots of great veggies/fruits.

    Let me know if you go to any of those primal friendly restaurants you mentioned, I'd love to hear a review from someone with similar eating preferences. Reviews on Yelp! are usually no good because most of them just eat whatever is on the menu (i.e. no info on whether the restaurant has primal options/is willing to do replacements for sides and other such things).

    By the way, how much fruit do you incorporate in your diet? You mentioned that you probably eat more carbs than the average paleo dieter. I'm a bit of a newbie. Just kicked the refined sugar/flour/grains earlier this week actually. Dropping them from my diet cold turkey has resulted in some light-headedness/ketosis, but nothing I can't get through. Anyways, I think I will up my fruit intake a little bit... no sense in dropping fruit from my diet and thereby making my transition harder if I'm only going to incorporate them back into my diet once I'm acclimated anyways.

    I'm not really looking to do any endurance running, but let me know if you ever want to do some sprints/resistance training (i.e. calisthenics... pushups/crunches/flutter kicks/bench dips). I'm always game for that.