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Paleo Diet, Pregnancy, Weight Loss, Dental Tourism and Wellness for Family



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  • Paleo Diet, Pregnancy, Weight Loss, Dental Tourism and Wellness for Family

    Yup, those're my interests. Why? Partly because they're relevant to my personal life, but also because they're evolving trends that I believe are going to impact everyone.

    How many hundreds of diets have come, gone and not only been disproved, but been proven counter-productive? The Paleo Diet is definitely different. No calorie restriction, no radical prohibitions (except processed foods and concentrated starches; gosh imagine that), and fat leaving you effortlessly. I've seen it happen more than once with people I know well.

    Then there's Dental Tourism. What were dentists thinking when they decided to start charging people the equivalent of three months rent every time they visited the dentist? People everywhere are fed up. Of course people are going to go where they can save lots of $$$ and maybe get a nice holiday too (sorry if I'm sounding like a raving lunatic, in Canada dental costs are now officially out of control, and that's why people here are turning to dental tourism. We even have people here who are in the business of verifying dentists in Mexico and other places. I'm sure it's not much different in the USA.)

    Pregnancy, also near and dear for me. At 33 I'm trying to have my first baby. Of course conception is also an evolving field, but we haven't been trying long enough to be motivated to turn to the miracles of science in that regard, but who knows. We REALLY WANT A BABY (especially me).

    Hope all is well with all of you. I look forward to chatting, exchanging thoughts and supporting each other.

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    Hey there, welcome!

    I've read about dental tourism around here. You can do a search on the forum and probably find some threads. Mexican dental care is apparently very affordable, even less than for those in the US with dental insurance. I have no idea why that is.

    Good luck with the baby!
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      Thanks. You wouldn't be a foodie would you? I'm guessing from your picture. I'm struggling with the idea of changing my diet when I'm trying to get pregnant, but the paleo diet seems so natural, I can't imagine how it could have any adverse effects for me or for a baby. Also I'm looking better than I have for quite a while so... well... it helps when you're trying to get pregnant


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        I do like food, not sure if that makes me a foodie I'm holding gluten-free pancakes in that picture.

        There is also a lot of info around the forums about being paleo/primal and pregnant, so definitely take a look around! There are probably people who can answer any specific questions you have. For the most part though, just eating whole foods will help support a healthy pregnancy.
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          Enjoy! Hope you learn a lot! I am in Central America and see a lot of people coming for medical/dental tourism... No experience w/primal & pregnancy, but I am learning lots on the fly about primal and a feeding a lg family! Blessings~