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    Hello Everyone,
    Where do I start? I grew up being overweight, and I crossed the line around 1999-2000. By 2003, I was 274 lbs, quite inactive, but otherwise healthy; and then, I stopped and started turning my life around. I've never been a fan of junk food, but too much of good food is still too much.
    I joined a gym, modified my eating habits and opted for a more active lifestyle; I'm also not a fan of crash diets or yo-yo dieting. By 2006, I was around 205 lbs, and eating mostly healthy foods. I've always loved and enjoyed vegetables and fruits, and in my new lifestyle, they were the basis of my diet.

    I had a knee injury in 2005, which eventually deprived me of regular exercise and by the time I treated it in 2007, I had gained around 10 lbs and kept delaying my return to regular exercise.

    However, in fall 2008, I thought enough is enough; singed up in a gym and put myself through 7 months of vigorous cardio, 7 days a week; so, I lost around 35 lbs; then, I switched my program to weight training + moderate cardio and gained around 10 lbs of muscle.

    What was quite weird for me was my new found insatiable sugar cravings; although, I always enjoyed a bit of sugary treats, I wasn't an addict; it was only after reading Primal and Paleo material that I realized why I had become sugar crazy all of a sudden.

    Anyway, I knew about IF and read about Paleo diet/lifestyle on New York Times. In early March 2010, while researching further about IF, in order to loose 5-10 lbs in preparation for a Marathon in May, I discovered MDA, and decided to give the Primal lifestyle a try for 6 months, to find out if it's for me or not.

    So, I've been Primal for 2 months now and so far it's been great. Giving up grains, legumes and sugar was easy, junk food was a rarity, so there wasn't anything there to miss; however, reducing fruit consumption and dairy has been a challenge.

    I eat only 2 meals a day, a Primal breakfast and a Primal dinner; my treats are a piece of fruit or some dairy or a piece of 85% chocolate every few days; I exercise 6 days a week, but the Primal way now. I also fast at least once a week (I'm going for 36-38 hours for the first time, as I write this).

    Despite those, and now a mostly muscular frame, I still carry some fat around my waist, which seems unaffected by my diet and exercise for the past year. More than anything, getting rid of it, is closing the chapter on who I used to be and the beginning of who I've been striving to be in recent years, lean, active and healthy. Some days, I doubt if I could ever get there, but I've always been an optimist.

    Thanks for reading...