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Please allow me to introduce myself...



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  • Please allow me to introduce myself...

    Hello one and all from the big, bad state of texas. (i never capitalize states, cities, nations, etc. it's a personal choice.)

    I've decided to join this community in an attempt to achieve some degree of resolution regarding the whole diet/exercise/lifestyle/health question.

    Here's the problem. There are a plethora of "diets" and "lifestyles" out there that all make the same claims. They all have their supporters and detractors. They all present glowing testimonials and success stories. They all cite scientific studies, research and scientific data to support their claims.

    At some point one must attempt to make some sort of informed decision as to what course one chooses to follow. Common sense seems to tell me that a list of whatever foods nourished the human species for so many millennia, allowing it to survive into the present, is most likely the best menu to order from.

    It's my sincere hope that, through inquiry and discussion here, I'll be able to finally achieve the clarity necessary to reach a sound conclusion.

    I'll be 67 in a few weeks and I've been actively pursuing optimal health since my early thirties. It was at that time that I made a commitment to permanently follow a regular exercise regimen and began research into food, diet and nutrition in general. As a result, I'm in pretty decent shape for a guy my age. I only have a couple of health/medical issues that are nagging me a bit but those are topics I'll reserve for a different forum.

    I look forward to participating in what I trust will be a rewarding experience here.

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    Hello fellow Texan (says the girl originially from Virginia)! Nice to meet you! I hope that this place provides you with what you are looking for
    Don't let nobody try and take your soul. You're the original . --Switchfoot- The Original

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      Thank you Alessandra, I appreciate it.