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  • Howdy from Seattle

    I know there are others on here from this neck of the woods...I missed the meetup, but would love to help organize another one if someone wants to co-chair with me!

    I'm Jesse, just moved back to Seattle after what was supposed to be a permanent overseas move turned into more of an 8-month sabbatical (long story I'll happily relate in person over salads or something). Currently looking for work, preferably something I can do barefoot or in VFFs if I can.

    Been Primal or pseudo-primal for something like 18 months now. Have lost 35+ lbs so far and have converted untold fat into muscle mass. The most amazing thing for me to see is how much less thick I seem to be in the chest area. I used to have a veritable shelf for a chest. Let me back up...I'm not a small guy, standing 6'0" and starting this process somewhere in the 275lb range. I'm still fat. But I need all new shirts just due to the shrinkage in chest's amazing. Truly.

    I'll leave it with that. Glad to be here and hope to glean some good info and exercise tips from y'all!


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    Welcome to the club! Being primal is great, isn't it? Keep up the good work - 35 lbs. is a lot of fat to lose! Keep doing what you are doing and you will reach all your goals. It's a lifelong journey - the best one that is
    Find me at Cheers!