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  • Hello (again) from the UK


    Some of you old-timers may remember me. I was here, disappeared, reappeared, disappeared... and now I'm back! Mwahahahahaaaa!

    I started Primal in October 2009 and lost a ton of fat, clothes sizes and inches. In the middle of it all had a herniated disc which was excrutiatingly painful and stopped my exercise in its tracks, but I still kept to the PB way and still lost inches. I am fully recovered on the back front (lol!) and my PT says I am stronger and in better shape than he has ever seen me (thanks Paul!). Then I went on to an 80/20 PB eating plan, but the 20 did seem to consist of rather unhealthy stuff. So, whilst I maintained my weight and so on, I just didn't look or feel as good. So, I went back to 100% primal last Monday and already can see the difference - muscle definition, overall wellbeing.... it's all good.

    Here's a photo of me (in fancy dress!) a few weeks ago. I know I'm covered up, but you get the general gist. That's me at a UK size 10/12 (I think that's a US 8/10), whereas before I was 16/18 (US 14/16). I'm quite pleased! But I'm now aiming for more muscle definition. Fingers crossed.
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    welcome back! M


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      Thank you!