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  • Hoping for some help-

    I have been on every diet known to man and I think I have gained and lost these 20lbs more than I even want to discuss.

    I was just following the "eat to live" by dr. Joel furhman which is basically a vegan diet. I had been a vegetarian for years and thought that this would be taking health to the next level. I liked the idea that I was not eating meat with all types of chemicals- that does scare me but when I thought about not buying organic veggies I figured I'm eating all kinds of chemicals anyways. I was hungry 24/7 and had no energy to work out never mind take a leisurely walk. I was So tired all the time where even washing my hair was an issue.

    I have done some research which lead me to MDA. I can't afford organic meats and veggies so I will do the best I can with what I've got. I did not plan accordingly the last couple of nights and went on a carb binge. I think I need to include fats to keep my hunger in check. I also need to dig deep and know when I'm truly hungry ( sad but I am panicking about this because I am an emotional eater).

    When do the carb cravings go away? What are your tricks that help you get through the first couple of weeks?

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    Hi montana,

    This is my second post and first try to advice someone on primal eating... anyways, I went through the first couple of weeks with sheer willpower. It helps if you like fatty meat, like I do. Only part of my diet is organic, but I don't sweat it.

    Been primal for five months and I don't grave sugar anymore. At first, I was somewhat afraid and kinda sad that I'm NEVER gonna be able to have sugar or pizza or pasta again! Noooo... But the feeling subsided. I'm gonna have a pizza some day, but when it happens, I'm sure it's gonna be a disappointment of some sorts. It's not THAT good. And it's gonna make me sick!

    Bananas are my candy now I say have some fruit! And welcome aboard!


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      I came to primal after starting the 21 Day Sugar Detox. I had carb flu for the first week but then felt great once all of the bad stuff made its way out of my body. Don't be afraid of fruit, while you are transitioning off grain don't worry too much about how many calories you're eating and include some avocado, olive oil on salad, or coconut oil while cooking. I lost 20 lbs during my 21 DSD (coming off. SAD diet and very overweight). I have since lost 10 more in 3 months primal. I didn't log my food or keep track of calories until 2 months in when I started exercising beyond walking the dog. I track just to be aware, I'm not that religious about it.

      These forums are full of info, but when you're starting out I feel it's better to keep it simple and just follow the PB. I tend to obsessively research tithings and have spent way too much time looking into some of the things others are doing, when in reality due to my current weight and fitness level, I just need to stick with the basic plan and PB Fitness for a whole until I'm closer to my goal.

      Good luck!


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        Heya and welcome.

        Dont worry about being organic and grassfed for now, it matters not so much though buy the best quality locally produced possible and pay attention to where your food comes from and get the best.

        If you are always hungry that means you need nutrition, adding fat will help but you need to base your meals around protein, with veggies for volume and nutrition and fats for the rest of your calories. If you have been vegan, you may have trouble digesting meat heavy diets just yet so getting some digestive aids that will help your body ramp up stomach acid will help.

        I know it is easy to give in and stuff the crap in your face but you know it is not helping so try something else. Dont worry about doing this to loose weight, do this to get healthy and your weight will go where it needs to as you build health and harmony.

        Protein need not be red meat too, eggs, sardines, salmon, shellfish are great choices and easier to digest at first.

        I do paleo on a very tight budget and I dont have money for all the hipster foodie nonsense so I shop around and pester the local butchers for my meat, I get locally produced and freshly butchered at small local butchers rather than buying mass produced meat at the mega stores.

        I get organ meats, the odd bits, knuckles etc and learn to cook them. I hunt, I fish and get bones from family meals for bone broth. The local squirrels and pigeons live in fear of me as do the woodchucks.

        Get to know the people you shop with, talk to them and find out what they have or can get you cheap. Create a community of suppliers and farmers and play them for deals.

        good luck.
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          Don't be afraid of carbs.
          Or foods that you may think are loaded with carbs.
          1 cup of mash potato has 35g of carbs. It's not that much (unless your going very low carb, I personally couldn't sit down and eat that much mash with veggies and meat/eggs as well in one sitting)

          Fruit is yummy and good as well (again unless your going VLC)

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            Hi montana, I'm new and transitioning too and feeling overwhelmed, have also come from a plant based background; I'm familiar with Joel Fuhrmans approach and have carried a lot with me from it - love those andi scores!!

            Wishing you well and hope you find the answers you are seeking. I'm a bit confused about carbohydrates too, I would prefer to eat fruits over starches and had no problem releasing grains.

            Best wishes
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              Potatoes, milk and eggs combined are a magical trio. You can live on those alone. Find the best quality of those that you can as a good start!
              Crohn's, doing SCD