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Primal cost me my job, kinda.

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    As far as I know, a job has to have a reason to fire you OR provide unemployment in most states. If they fire you just because they don't like you, you are protected. Yes, they can do it, but that doesn't mean they won't pay for it.

    As for tattoos - I totally understand. I am covered on about 50% of my body, including 2 sleeves and a chest piece, BUT I have to cover mine because of my job as well. What do I do? I am a teacher.

    And yeah, I knew I'd have to cover them when I started... but I wish people would believe that people with tattoos are like anyone else - we can be responsible or not, and our appearance has nothing to do with it.

    Good luck with the situation. If you tried to get a job and it wasn't successful, and they fired you instead of you resigning, then if you had unemployment before you should be able to get it back. I know many states have rules about length of employment so if you didn't have it before, you may not be able to get it.

    Let us know how it goes.

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      Actually, it turns out that unless you have #1 a union or #2 an honest employer, you are out of luck. If you work in an "at will" state, the burden of proof falls upon you, the employee, to prove that you were canned if the employer states that you were not. So, I was let go. Fine, the job was HORRIBLE and an insult to my level of experience and education (I guess I am still bitter), anyway, the awful woman that was my supervisor is claiming job abandonment, which means that I was a no call no show. Therefore, I have to PROVE I was fired. How the hell do I prove I was fired? Do we all need to bring back up with us every time we speak to a supervisor? So, right now it appears that I will lose my unemployment benefits. Fiscally, I am able to collect based on my prior job that I had for 3 years (company closed, thanks W.), but I can't prove I was canned.

      And I feel that I need to clarify something regarding my tattoos. I am not some anarchist, in your face, I'm gonna live life my way or the highway type person. I am all about putting on a suit and playing Susie Office Professional if the job and office match my description. But I don't see the need to dress and look like Lillith Crane when the offices in question have paint peeling off the wall, stains on the carpet, and fellow office workers that have no problem showing off what they had for lunch on their shirts. I have a face to face interview next week with a very classy real estate venture company, tattoos will be covered, suit will be worn, no issues.


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        PJAP you really got dicked. Though I agree with OTB on the issue, the job abandonment is crap. I suppose next time, you should get it in writing ON THE SPOT to avoid further issues?

        Good luck with your interview. Maybe in retrospect this whole horrible experience will have opened a door to a REAL, GOOD job for you. <3

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          That sucks PJAP. On the bright side, you are free to start again and the possibilities are huge. Also keep in mind America is a very big place:

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