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Back to primal eating! Here I go!



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  • Back to primal eating! Here I go!

    Hello to all who read.

    I would just like to ask a newbie question (because I was never, ever truly primal). Why is it that if I don't eat enough protein at lunch time I feel hungry and just terrible? I ate 100g of chicken for lunch today, together with a large salad, avocado and some olive oil and I've just crashed! I'm starving and ready to eat some toast.

    Also, I am aiming to eat around 60-70g's of carbs, 80g's of protein and the rest fat per day (1800 calories). Could someone please tell me if this seems OK for me: Female, 5ft 7in, 220lbs and around 35-40% body fat.

    I love this forum and MDA and I know that this is the best way to eat, but I seem to have so many buts (real and vocally).

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi McTeez,,
    I am new to PB (7/20 started) but I find I get hungry if I don't have enough fat - I can go low on the carbs, mod low on the protein, but need the fat. Once I have enough fat I am fine and can often skip next meal (IF) - and bacon is my best friend. I don't know if you are doing dairy or not. Also, what kind of breakfast (if any) are you doing? A lot of folks do the Bulletproof Coffee - I haven't tried it yet, but that gets you off to a good start with the fats. You can do search here for recipe or google on the web. I eliminated all grains and sugars, so fat seems to provide the long term satiety I need.


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      how long have you been eating primal? like joann said, fat=satiety


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        Yes to the fat, and also, I would just eat mo' chicken! Maybe mix some thighs in there if chicken is what you prefer.